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New TS3650 - rear rail height

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  • New TS3650 - rear rail height

    I finished assembling the saw and when I tested the miter gauge I noticed it hitting the real rail once the gauge left the cast iron top. I attempted to loosen the rear rail and push it down. But it always seems to pop back up when tigtening it. Has anybody else had this issue?


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    Make sure its not on upside down
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      That's funny. I never would've thought of that.


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        I contacted customer support and they said they had never received a call like this before. They think the screw holes for the rear rail got drilled in properly, looks like I have to pack up the saw and get another one. It looks like I wasted 8 hours on a defective saw.


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          If you take a nice calm approach when you go back to HD you might be able to talk them into just taking back the saw and wings portion of the 3650. That way, you won't have to go through the assembly part again for the base and the Herc-U-Lift. It can't hurt to ask.
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            Just logged in and saw your post. I had exactly the same problem and took a close look at the fasteners used to secure the rail. They are 1/4 -20 UNC square head bolts and mine were
            asymetrical (the center of the threaded portion and the centre of the square were not common) I turned the fastener 180 degrees and the problem was solved.



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              I was thinking that exact same thing and asked the customer rep if the bolts are centered on the head, he said you can put them in any direction. To my dismay I have already packed up the saw and it is in the back of my truck to exchange it. Hopefully the new won't have any other problems.

              Thansk for everybody's help!


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                I had the same thing happen when I assembled my saw, but had no problem setting it right. For me it was only an adjustment - loosened off all the nuts and bolts and set it accordingly.


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                  Ditto. Just loosen the bolts, push down on the rail and retighten.

                  My problem is that if I start the stock miter gauge with the crescent shaped dial off the table, it runs into the side of the table and is deflected upwards.