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Baseboard 135 degree rounded corners help

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  • Baseboard 135 degree rounded corners help

    New to the forum, I looked around but couldnt find help on my exact question so here goes!
    Im 90% done with doing the baseboard downstairs in my house
    All the outside corners are the bullnose rounded style (about 15 of them ugh!)
    The 90 degree ones I had no problem with, I just cut the 22.5 degree wedges for them that most people do and they look good.
    I have 3 corners, or should I say, "wall transitions" that are giving me trouble.
    I am pretty sure they are 135 degree rounded obtuse angles, 2 of them inside corners, 1 outside corner.
    How should I go about putting baseboards in here? Ive never done a wedge piece for an inside corner but would it make sense to? If so which way should the wedge face? (I attached an awesome drawing)
    Or are there better options out there?
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    Re: Baseboard 135 degree rounded corners help

    Depending on how rounded they are,

    one may be able to set up a set up on a table saw or radial arm saw, band saw, (would cut thinner kerf) and cut groves across the back, (most likely the top will have to cut or one could stop just short of clearing the top, if not too tight one may be able to bend it around the corner, if tighter it may need to be soaked with water to make it more pliable, (if one can hold the trim with a jig so it cuts with he basic angle of the front of the base board it would be better,

    put into place and nail or screw, (uses trim screws), and then one would need to sand after it dried and finish to like the rest of the base board in place, filling any of the kerf that are visible with a matching putty, (stain, and seal, then putty, then finish, IMO),
    I have never tried the micro wave method, but when I made a violin one just used a hot iron to bend the sides and to curl the wood, (about half way down on the page)

    what I am trying to say to finish the bend one may need some heat and moisture to help the out side shell of it bend, (especially if you have the top edge not kerf-ed for looks),
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      Re: Baseboard 135 degree rounded corners help

      thank you for the reply.
      i should add these are mdf so i don't think i will be able to use steam or water.
      the notches on the back are a good idea for the outside bend i will give that a try, i may end up having to do the wedges for the inside ones though