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AC1099 RAS Dust Collector

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  • AC1099 RAS Dust Collector

    Sears has their Craftsman version of the AC1099 on closeout for $9.97 ! Comes with 2 1/2" & 1 1/4" hoses plus a coupling for 2 1/2" hose.

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    would you know the sears model #, wonder how much they will soak us for up North?


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      Don't know anything about the Sears unit. I did purchase the Ridgid for my Ridgid RAS, and am very very happy with it's performance for $30. I skipped the velcro mount, and used a piece of left over carpet molding and screwed it to the side of the funnel, drilled a whole and used a seperate washer and nut on the brass friction screw (hand tight) on the post. I found the velcro highly inadiquate for the application.

      Mine included a section of 2-1/2" and wire clips for the 1-1/4" hose along with your mentioned items.
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        The Sears model no. is 9-29963.