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    About to purchase a tablesaw. I have come down to 2 that fit my price range. One is the Grizzly G0444z and the other the Ridgid 3650. I have been a silent observer of this board for a month or so and have gone thru the listings looking at impressions of the 3650. You all seem to be fairly straight forward about your thoughts on the saw. Some have brought forth the motor, the short arbor and such. I know this is Ridgid's forum as I ask the question, Why do I want to by the 3650 over the G0444z?

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    I would say that these two table saws are basically pretty even when it comes to features and price. The Ridgid has some features the Griz doesn't have and also the other way around. The two obvious advantages the Ridgid has over the Griz is that it can be powered by either 110v or 220v if you don't have 220v available and of course the Ridgid has the Herc-u-Lift mobile base.
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      Yeah I have looked hard at the Herc lifter. BTW the G0444z comes prewired 220 but is 110/220 24/12a according to their manual.


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        i am etremely happy with my TS3650, and with the grizzly, should something break, there are no service centers in the USA (that i know of).


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          110 volts at 24 amps. Forget it. You will need a 30 amp circuit and still won't be able to share it with anything else. If you get the Griz, better figure on running it on 220 volts.


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            The best thing to do is make a list of ALL the differences including total price, availability, dealer type, warranty, fence design and construction, trunnion design, DC, HP, miter gauge, accessories and their availability, parts availability, warranty, capacities, options, customer service, what your needs are, and gut feel, then decide what's most important to you and try to anticipate how your perception might change when you get familiar with these aspects. There's pros and cons to each. IMO one is better built than the other, but that doesn't necessarily make it the right choice for you.

            I'd also advise getting opinions from a couple of other sites like,, and When all is said and done, be sure to purchase a top quality blade.

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              I had to make a choice between the 10" Dewalt miter saw and the Ridgid 10". Even though I thought the Dewalt would be the best choice the Ridgid just felt better in my hands so I bought it. I have been very happy with it.

              This might be one thing you should consider is how well does the saw and it's controls feel in your hands.

              Let us know which way you go.
              Good Luck.



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                Just unpacked and assembled my 3650 table saw.
                As a machinest and toolmaker, I have to say that I was very impressed wtih the saw's accuracy.
                Blade parralel with table slot was less than .0015 measured with a .0005 dial indicater.
                Fence was within .002 front to back!!
                I realize this is probably on the tight end of the assembly tolerance , but it was very impressive to see. I'm looking forward to making some sawdust this weekend. Momma wants some new kitchen cabinets..


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                  Welcome to the forum. [img]smile.gif[/img] I too was impressed with the alignments of my 3650 right out of the box. I retired 2/03 after 31 yrs at the same company, the last 22 yrs as a machinist. I have used my saw a lot since I got it in 11/03 and have hardly had to touch the adjustments. It's a great saw. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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