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  • tenoning jigs

    I would like to use a tenoning jig on my TS2400 but have heard that some brands may not work due to size of the miter slot on the saw or distance from the slot to the arbor. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions. Ridgid tech services will not make any recommendations for this saw.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Harry, I think you might have better luck if you direct your questions to the mfg. of the tenoning jig you're interested in. Make sure that you jot down the name of the person you talk to in their Customer Service Dept. just in case you get some bad info. Oh, and welcome to the group.
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      Thanks for the advice and the welcome.


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        I purchased a Delta Tenoning jig and took off the little piece for a t-slot. I then had to file/sand the bar so it would fit in the slot. Seems like the Ridgid slot is what it says, 3/4", and the others are a bit more forgiving.



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          I measure the slot and it seems to be "exactly" 3/4, so minor variations in bars spec'd for 3/4 slots should be easy to overcome if necessary as on the Delta jig. Thanks for the info.


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            1. The Delta jigs will work fine in Ridgid table saws with the "adjustment" suggested by Ba-doyn. It only takes a few minutes.

            2. The story is that both Emerson-based saws and Rockwell (Delta) based saws use 3/4" miter bar slots, but the problem is in the definition. Ridgid defines the slot at 3/4", which means that the bar must be slightly less (since an exactly 3/4" bar won't fit in an exactly 3/4" slot). Rockwell defined the bar as 3/4" (with the slot just slightly larger).