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Rabbit Problems...Please Help

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  • Rabbit Problems...Please Help

    Hi All, I've been trying to route 3/4" by 3/8" deep rabbits in 3/4" mapple for drawer faces on a mobile saw base. I'm having two problems.

    1. The mapple board is "chipping" quite a bit. What causes this?

    2. I typically take several passes to do a 3/4" rabbit so that I don't bog the router. My first pass was about 3/8" and looked pretty good. The second pass, another 3/8", cut at a slightly lower height. In other words, the bottom of the rabbit has a slight "step" to it. Because of this, the drawer face does not fit 90* to the drawer bottom. The router depth was not changed. This has also happened on other projects.

    Any help wood be great. Woody, I want to hear your point of view, too.


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    First off, use a backer board (hold another board tight against the trailing edge of the main stock) to help avoid chip-out. Does not have to be wide, just enough to transfer the chip out from the main stock.

    With regard to the stepping, I would make sure you are using consistent downward pressure on the board as you pass it over the bit. It may just be that the board is lifting ever so slightly allowing the cut to be a bit shallow. You might also try to use a larger rabbeting bit and take a more shallow first cut, then adjust to final depth for the second cut, which would give you the same depth throughout.


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      I was rabbiting on my jointer until I put on the fence. I don't get them anymore.


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        Sorry I didn't see your post before it was brought to the top again, somehow I missed it.

        Using a table, or free hand routing?

        I would suggest using a rabbit bit with a bearing, not just a straight bit. Set the depth to what you need the rabbit to be, and don't change the depth. Use the table fence, or router fence, and adjust that taking no more than 1/8" cuts per pass until the width required as been met. On the last pass, run it through one more time.

        I've noticed in some cases you can get some bit chatter due to grain irregularities and such. Running a 2nd time on the last setting will clean up any chatter and uneveness you may have incured.

        As for chipping, Jerry has the answer. Use a backer board. Any small scrap piece of the same density of wood will do to back up the exit end.
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          I use a rabbeting bit myself, but I was wondering why noone uses the jointer for rabbets? I got my JP a litte while ago, but haven't tried the rabbet feature yet.


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            I have used the JP610 for rabbets, and it works well. However, I can also do rabbets on the table saw (with regular or dado blade), with the router, and on the RAS. So with all these choices, the JP doesn't get used that much for rabbets. Also, my shop is my garage and all my tools are on wheels and get "put away" frequently, so by the point in a project when I am doing Rabbets, the JP is often not out.


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              I use a rabbeting bit myself, but I was wondering why noone uses the jointer for rabbets?

              I use mine for rabbets fairly often. It's usually my first choice when I need to do them.