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    I have been planning a dust collection system for my shop and was looking for some opinions. Is it worth the hassle of buying a centralized collector and installing all the ductwork or just buy a dedicated shop vac for each piece of equipment. I think the money is about the same Let me know what you think.... Thanks

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    A real dust collector will do a better job than a shop vac ever could. The plain and simple is that they just move more air. Thats not to say that shop vacs won't work. Depending on what they're hooked up to, many shop vacs will do an adaquate job of dust collection on a one tool at a time basis.
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      A shop vac system is very limited in it's abillity to remove the "hazardous" dust from your work area. It does ok removing chips from the table saw or drill press, but will not keep up with a planner. If your shop is located inside your house, you will be blowing dust from the vac back into the air, which will travel into the living areas of your shop.

      A DC unit works by moving a large volume of air. 1 micron bags trap the bad dust, and even better is the canister filter. A cyclone DC unit is the best way to go, but not everyone has the room for one. Jet introduced a canister filter about 1 1/2 years ago. Now Other have one too.
      If you are on a tight budget, I suggest you look at the HFT DC unit. Best bang for the $$ out there. Upgrade the bags to 1 micron bags, and you will have a DC unit for a little more than a good shop vac.

      Here is my take on the Jet DC. I wrote this back in September.

      Jet Canister Filtration unit. September, 2003

      Jet Canister Filtration unit. September, 2003
      It has been about one year now since I brought the new (at that time) JET DC-1100C dust collection unit home.
      Not having the headroom in my shop for a cyclone unit, I had to go with something that would not only collect the dust, but give me good filtration too. My shop is located in the basement. Didn’t want that dust being spread over the house any more!
      My choices were a DC unit with 1 micron bags, or a canister filtration unit. At a minimum I needed an 1100 cfm unit. I was at Rocklers when the received their first shipment of the JET canister units. I started asking questions about the unit. The manager of the store called the JET representative (the one for dealers, not consumers). He had me get on the phone and let me talk to JET about this new system. I spent quite a long time as I recall talking to JET and having my questions answered.
      Like I said, that was a year ago.
      The filtration on this unit has surpassed my expectations. The amount of fine flour that the canister traps, and holds, is amazing. Although it only filters down to 2 microns, it has over 60 times the filtration area of a felt bag. It does have one small flaw, and that is the way that the plastic lower bag is installed. I think that the outside clamp would have been a better idea.
      The unit did have a small leak in it. I was right where the dust dumps into the collection area. It was easy to seal with some clear caulk. But, it is a quality issue that JET should have picked up on. The unit should also be used with a separator. It takes little to no time to fill the lower bag. Since I went to the separator, I am able to get by with only emptying the lower bag every month or so. I will only have a few inches of flour in it, but you do need to dispose of that.
      The canister filtration unit is not the perfect unit for all shops. It does have its place though. If you do not have the room for a cyclone, but still want good filtration, then I would highly recommend this unit.
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