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table saw - 2400 vs 2424 - help!

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  • table saw - 2400 vs 2424 - help!

    I know I'm asking for it posting this one, but...

    I know the 2400 and the 2424 are both great products. Just for a minute, let's assume they're the same price. Space in my "shop" is limited; the bigger tools are in the garage and the smaller/finishing tools are in the basement. I'm not a builder and I don't regularly work with large sheet goods, but I occasionaly do. I do need to rip 8' and 10' 1x and 2x boards. I mainly work on "hobby" type projects, and I basically will never need to move either saw much further than from the garage to the driveway on a nice day.

    I just can't decide on which to buy. So many people are telling me that I'll "outgrow" the 2400 too quickly and I'll wish I made room for the 2424. Logically, the 2424 can do everything the 2400 can, but not the opposite.

    I look forward to your suggestions and experiences!

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    I have the 2400 and it works fine so far but I can see the limitations it will have later. If I had it to do again I'd buy the 2424 it is a cabinet saw. look at the differences, direct drive versus belt driven (less noise), more horse power, larger wings, cast iron, Herculift for moving around (of course you can carry the 2400) the list of benefits outways the 2400. But like in my case that's all I could afford at the time Do a better homework job than I did.. There are other brands to look at also.
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      Chuck, I have to correct you there. The TS2424 is a contractor's model saw, not a cabinet saw. Ridgid doesn't make a cabinet saw (it would be interesting if they did, but they'd have to find somewhere else to sell them).

      Ron, here's my take on portability, on a different tool. I have what is called a stationary planer, it weighs 242 pounds. Far as I'm concerned, it is portable because there are wheels mounted to it. I don't ever need to take it out of the shop, so not being able to pick it up doesn't bother me at all.

      If you needed to pick the saw up and carry it to a job, like Carpenters do when building houses, I'd recommend the TS2400. But, for just being moved around within a shop (garage, whatever), I would find the TS2424 easier to do, since it has wheels.

      Great thing, them wheels


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        My sediment is the same as everyone elses. It your planning on going to the jobsite, get the 2400. If all your work takes place around the home, make room for the 2424, you will be much better served in the long run.



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          I too am interested in either the 2424 with the Herculift, but am torn between that and the 2400 with the "work-n-haul it". Like ron750ss said, the 2400 appears to be able to do all the things the 2424 does but is more portable. The 2424 (after spending about 1/2 hour looking at the saws at HD without ONCE having ANY sales help, and having the 2424 without the fence attached) noticed that the 2424 blade height had a more "finite" adjustment. I was surprised to see how far the fence came out on the 2400 (wondered what that little red knob in the middle of the table did ) The price difference is only $50 when you take into effect the 2400 with the stand. I guess I like having the ability to have the portability (will I ever really use it???) or get a contractors saw that really won't do any MORE then the 2400. I think I have analysis paralysis. UGH!!!!!


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            <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jeffcell:
            get a contractors saw that really won't do any MORE then the 2400.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

            I would have to disagree with you on that point. Yes as far as basic table saw functions the TS2400 will do everything that a TS2424 will do, but that’s where the similarities end. The TS2424 has the industry standard 27" wide table, which will allow you to use aftermarket fence systems, extensions etc. The belt drive and induction motor are quieter and smoother, which will help in those precision cuts. Finally the extra weight is a big help when ripping large sheet goods.

            I am going to say this again, if you are planning to take the saw to the jobsite get the TS2400, but if you are going to use the saw at home and only want something that stores easily, figure out a way to store the TS2424, it is worth the extra space.


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              Thanks for the reply. I dug deeper and went through about every post on here last night. As good as the 2400 is as a jobsite saw and I like the way everything moves, I plan on getting the 2424, but will wait till X-mas in hopes the price will drop a bit. I was extremely impressed with the herculift too. Sorry you had to repeat yourself. Just a frustrated beginner. I guess I won't be outgrowing this one [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                also wish to thank everyone for their feedback. I will also be purchasing the 2424.

                FYI, there is a promo running now that offers a free accessory with purchase (dust collector, etc.). be sure to ask for your form, not everyone in the department knew about it...