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Damaged rails on new TS2424

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  • Damaged rails on new TS2424

    Easter Sunday, I purchased a TS2424 saw from Home Depot in East Palo Alto, CA.
    The seperate box that contained the fence rails had the letters DM on one end. Written with a felt pen. Is that a Ridgid marking method? In addition, that end was sealed with heavy Scotch tape. Not typical of the rest of Ridgids packaging.
    I believe I was knowling sold a damaged set of rails by Home Depot.
    I saved my money for the last four months for a table saw. I had enough to purchase a Powermatic or General but decided to go with the TS2424 due to lessened cost of installing 220.
    Tomorrow, I will go to Home Depot and confront their management regarding this issue. This is not a warranty issue. I was knowling sold damaged goods. That is a crime.
    I expect, and won't settle for less than immediate on the spot exchange for undamaged rails.
    I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow. Home Depot has always been a place I have avoided. I prefer dealing with small professional dealers with competent help.
    I hope buying this saw was not a mistake. I should not be required to wait for Ridgid to return a new set of rails. Again, these rails were known to be damaged! I've got a witness who observed me pull the damaged front rail from the package.
    How bout it Ridgid? Do you mark DM on the end of your rail boxes?
    I'm one unhappy camper!

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    DM = "Damaged Material"

    They should replace it no problem.


    -Rob<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a> <br />Damn, I hit the wrong nail again. Ouch that hurts


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      Rob, deep breath. I can't imagine anything other than Home Depot just swapping it out for you. I suspect what happened was simply a mistake. I recognize mistakes, 'cause I make them all the time.

      (Now, where the heck is my board stretcher?)


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        Prior to returning the damaged rail(s) to Home Depot on Tuesday, April 17, 2001, I phoned the 1-800 number on Ridgid's manual.
        I explained that I felt the "DM" on the end of the box "UNDERNEATH" the box end had been written after receival by Home Depot. It doesn't. It is a code for inventory.
        I did not want to wait the three weeks to a month or more to get another set of rails. The person I spoke to at Ridgid's 1-800 number agreed and said that Ridgid would send a new set if Home Depot did not exchange the damaged set for a new set.
        On arival at Home Depot with the damaged rails, I explained this to the manager and was allowed to open another rail box prior to excepting the new rails.
        A minor ding on the underside was present. This ding was on the second smaller t-slot. I figured I could file the damage out. I did so and the rails work just fine.
        I mentioned to the person I spoke to on the phone at Ridgid about the damaged end on the first set and stated that some sort of protective foam packing should be inserted to protect both ends of these fragile and critical aluminium extrusions. She agreeded.
        Hopefully some action will be taken to pack them with more protection so other individuals purchasing these saws will not experience this problem. Many of the low wage Gorillas who move the stock around at Home Depot haven't the brains or intelligence to understand what they are handling so appropriate care can be exercised. I almost turned around to go back in the store to get my money back when the grunts loading the main saw box in my pickup truck, dropped it rather hard onto the bed!
        I'd advise any one purchasing a new saw to open the seperate fence rail box and examine them carefully for damage. I recieved one unuseable set and one with very minor repairable damage. Not a good track record. Home Depot SUCKS!! Give me a small reputable dealer any day of the week.