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    I just purchased a TS2412 from HD and it was a display model. The problem I have is when I took the saw home I noticed there were more missing parts than I expected. I don't really want to haul it back to HD since I don't have a truck to take it back. Could someone tell me if Rigid will honor the missing parts mainly nuts and bolts.

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    call ridgid or go to web page

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    Andy B.


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      I purchased a TS2424 demonstrator from a HD near the end of Dec 2001. The table top of my saw needed cleaning because it looked like it had coffee spilled on it and some of it left to dry, the micro adjustment on the rip fence had been abused in the store and needed new parts, the blade was bent concave by what I suspect to be abuse by sales staff during a demonstration, and the arbor wrench was missing. There were other less notable things. The HD staff aren't watching what customers do and/or they just don't give a hoot.

      I found this forum and Ridgid (Emerson Tool Co.) to be very helpful in resurrecting this saw. If you explain the problem they will likely send the parts you need with no hassles. Jake will probably direct you to contact Ridgid. I've found you'll need patience though because delivery of parts takes awhile.


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        Drop me a line via email.



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          I own a TS2424. The Miter guage needed to be replaced. I took it to the Home Depot store and they, without question, replaced the broken parts. I was concerened that I was going to be stopped in mid-project for several weeks, but I was back in production in a matter of hours with most of the time being spent driving to and from Home Depot. A great warranty and great people behind it.