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  • Another Bandsaw Riser Question

    With the bandsaw riser blocks on "quality hold", has anyone ever used someone elses riser block (HF, Grizzley, etc)on the BS14000. I tried the Jet riser but the pins did not match and I do not want to go through the hastle of redrilling. I have a project I want to do for Christmas that requires resawing and as it looks now, I probably will not have the Ridgid riser by then.
    Can someone help me install this blade!!!!!!

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    As of a few weeks ago one of my local HD had 3 sets of riser block kits on the shelf and I think at a reduced cost (yellow label). If you are interested I could see if they are still around and what it costs to ship to you.

    Drop me an email (from profile) and phone # if your interested. I will be out of town on Turkey day but could put in the works on Friday.
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      Anyone with any common sense, would NOT purchase, or invest any time or money in the Ridgid Band Saw.

      Bob Dueker promised me a replacement motor, due to the change in warranty from which is stated in my manuals. It took nearly 3 months, several harsh posts here on this forums. Several harsh Emails, since Ridgid no longer deals with issues they sold under the Written Warranty.

      And which I received a used motor, which fails to turn the blade when tensioned. The riser block is of little importance, when the band saw itself is a joke.

      Return it, purchase a brand that stands behind it, and it's written warranty.

      That is my advice, from experience from dealing with the NEW Ridgid.
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        Woody, what do you mean by "the new Ridgid"? Just wondering, I have seen you mention it a few times.
        My cousin was here for Turkey day, he works for Ridgid (supervisor in Elyria Oh plant) and says that there hasn't been any change in the company since Emerson motors bought them in the 80s.
        He did say that alot of the customer service and tech reps that have been there for years dont know the answers to questions about the new tools cuz they havent been around long enough. He says the most of the new tools are made in Japan and brought here with Ridgid name on them. But that even though they are imports they still have the backing of the company here.
        He also said that even though ridgid is sold through HD, they are in no way connected by any thing other than being a distributor.
        I have seen some talk of one world tech, or something like that, and he hadn't even heard of them LOL.
        Hope to hear from you,
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          My BS1400 is made in China (purchased about 2 months ago) and supposedly under Rigid US standard. Does Rigid also have a plant in Japan? My experience is Japan made products, although more expensive, are much better in quality and performance compare to China. I know I would rather have the Japan made.

          Also, the band saw book suggest that upgrade to a higher HP rating is required when using the riser. Any of you guys upgraded their motor? Or the standard motor will suffice?



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            John----if you do a search from this past spring/summer, you'll find all sorts of information. This transition deals with Ridgid woodworking tools sold through HD-----the lifetime warranty on the pre-changeover tools, as Woody indicated, has been re-worded. I also believe that the fact he got a used motor (and that the motor on the 3650 is now a no-name) also indicates that Emerson is no longer directly involved.

            While I would say that I've read of few cases like Woody's, regarding the Ridgid band saw, one, where they have not properly supported the product, is enough. Heck, the only reason I still hang around here is in the hope that OWT/Ridgid get their act together, as I believe most of the original Ridgid line was pretty decent.

            To the question----there may be other risers that will fit, but don't forget, you still need an extension for the upper blade guard/guides, which may be more difficult to match up----If you don't properly support the upper guides, you saw will be useless.


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              What I ment by the New Ridgid, is what they have changed to from giving customer service themselfs. I've only had a few defective parts, and in one case, a motor on a used machine, which a simple, less than 5 minute call, and less than 72 hour wait yeilded a replacement part for zero cost to me, not even shipping.

              The New Ridgid, Does Not handle anything after the sale. They handed it off to someone else. I spoke with Jake before he left here on the forums in postings as the BS motor was making noise and getting weak. He replied just use it, and it will be taken care of when it goes.

              It went after Ridgid's hand off. I got a snotty female when calling customer service. She aggresivily said there was nothing that could be done, and gave me the number to a service center, where I had to take the saw. Near 100 calls, got nothing but an answering machine in over a month. They still to this day have not returned any of my messages, now over 3 months since the first.

              The new Ridgid, simply put, is more interested in selling a tool to a first/one time buyer. They do not handle service after the sale, and niether does the people they handed it off to.

              In addition, the band saw has a great tensioning spring, about a $15 item. Unfortunately, the rest of the unit is low quality machined. Though the castings are nice looking. It's by far over priced and over rated.
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                I sure would like to hear from the RIDGID moderator regarding ouwoody's dilema. Is this what we should expect from customer service? Has the pre-changover warranty been re-worded?(you can't change it after the fact!)

                I have a brand new BS still in the box. I'm thinking seriously of returning it and ordering another brand.
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                  Can't speak for Ridgid or current moderator. All I can factually say, is that before the changeover, the former moderator was here all the time, smoothing the way on problems.


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                    Woody, they sent you a used motor that doesn't even work? after what you went through with that, I'd probably have them in small claims by now getting my money back.

                    Dave, you are correct as to what Jake used to do. I had sent him e-mails several times and always got a response within a day. Sent Bob an e-mail a little while ago and come to think of it, never heard back from him.

                    As to the cost, I think if it works right, it is worth every penny, especially considering that similar models from Jet and Delta were going for much more. The motor could be stronger though, and if I did it again, I would have saved some cash up and bought a steel frame grizzly or jet.


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                      We all miss Jake, but have to accept changes. He was one dedicated person, not only to Ridgid, but to his passions of wood working, and his job.


                      I would also like to see a moderator step in and comment on this situation. Their dealings with me have been behind the sceens, and frankly, it would only improve customer relations if they would come forth. I, however, will not be the one to bring it public on this forum in the positive sense. They must initiate that.


                      Not actually sure the motor was used, or for how long. It showed it had been something. Knowing a new motor comes without signs of mounting, anyone can draw their own conclusions as I did. Due to very poor packaging, and UPS's gorilla type handling methods, it was damaged in shipping. After digging into it, there was an assembly flaw that caused the failure directly related to the operation of the motor.

                      Corrected by myself with help of online helpers, improper adjustments were made to get it to work. Most likely causing damage to the motor as it shows signs of loosing power already, as did the origanal motor without help from me.

                      Someday, time permitting, I have a boat load of photos, saved posts and emails through this ordeal. Some good, some not so good. Could go either way for customer relations depending on interpertation if I so desire to make a section on my site about it.

                      I will say, the riser kit I purchased is machined so that it needs shimmed to properly align the flywheels and tracking. I do hope they honor the warranty on that. This could be the reason there are other posts stating the riser kit is not available due to quality issues.

                      I do use my machines, they do not sit idle for very long. I do take care of my investment as well, I did not plan on replacing the machines any time soon.

                      I urge everyone to post for Ridgid to return the old ways of customer service. They do listen, and if they stand behind them instead of handing it off to someone who doesn't, I'm sure relations and sales will benefit. We ALL will benefit!
                      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                        Hi All,

                        I read about the product hold on the riser blocks but I didn't hear any specifics and I thought it was because of the change from Emerson to Ryobi for Ridgid brand. But I got one from the Doug, very helpful forum member here, and the manual is wrong on the size of the bolt and, mre importantly, the alignment pins are not done correctly. Is this the cause for the shipping delays? What can I do now? How do I recover the costs of shipping when Ridgid has goofy stuff still on the shelf even when on clearance? I have some resawing to do also and boy am I thoroughly annoyed! Why do they let stores even sell the ones that aren't manufactured correctly?

                        Come Monday Ridgid and I will be having a long talk. Has anyone else ran into the missing and not-supposed-to-be-there pins on the riser block?