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100' ext cord for TS3612?

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  • 100' ext cord for TS3612?

    If I use a 12 ga 100' ext cord on my TS3612, should I worry over motor damage? I will only be using it lightly, 15-20 minutes at a time, mostly
    1/4" ply.

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    On page 14 of the owners manual they briefly discuss the use of extension cords. For a run of 26'-50' its recommended you use 12ga extension cords for 110-120V applications. There is no listing for distances longer than 50'. Tech Support has a toll free number, 800-474-3443.
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      Hi Willy -- if you really need to run 100 ft then you should either switch to 10ga wire for 120vac hookup or else get the second phase of the power line in your shop/garage and setup for a 240v hookup by rewiring the saw motor per the manual. You could keep the 12ga wire for the 240v hookup. The problem is resistance of the wire and resulting voltage drop. The motor will draw more current at a lower voltage, tend to heat up more quickly, and will lose torque. It would be easier to put the motor in a stall condition too. Although your usage is intermittent, you will extend the life of the motor by using the proper gauge wire at the voltage being used.