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    Thank you, I was starting to think I was missing something.

    To me the answer Ridgid customer service gave you should give everyone pause. If that is their prevailing service philosophy then they are in serious trouble. I think everyone needs to rethink their Home Depot support and the life time/one year/ three year warrantee.

    I would think Ridgid would go to the factory and take the start key for the next saw off the line and overnight mail it to you. I would think Home Depot rather than losing a $600 sale would open a box and take the start key from it. But I'm apparently wrong on both counts. Ridgid says we got your money live long a prosper but don’t bother us. In other words the warrantee isn’t worth the paper it is written on.
    Home Depots decision is there are lots of customers we can afford to lose this one.

    The thing that surprises me is no one from Ridgid connected with this forum has said anything. So I guess we are to assume this is business as usual. What a pity two years ago Jake (the previous forum moderator) would have corrected this situation with a 37 cent stamp by mailing you the part. Tell me Ridgid hasn’t changed and there isn’t a penalty when manufacturing moves overseas.
    Rev Ed


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      In all fairness I just read in the other thread on this subject that bdueker(forum moderator) has been trying to contact Dbird about this situation.
      Way to Go bdueker!!!!

      I will add here as I did there I hope Mr. Dueker is going to follow-up with Ridgid customer service
      to prevent a situation like this from happening again.

      I also hope that when Mr. Dueker contacts Dbird he gets the name of the Home Depot and does an attitude adjustment there also.

      In any case I would ask Dbird to write to both Rdigid and Home Depot and let them know of this situation. To me it is deplorable.

      Home Depot is 1-800-553-3199 I would let them know of my complaint and ask for a mailing address of the CEO and write him a letter.
      Ridgid is 1-800-4-RIDGID I would do the same thing and make sure you do write the CEO.

      If you let this go it will never get better. Who knows maybe you will need service again.
      Rev Ed


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        Hello everyone,

        I have another discussion regarding this on another thread in a different topic, so will post the same comments here to give everyone an update.

        A special thanks goes out to bdueker, who, true to his word, sent me two keys, which I received yesterday (Saturday) Morning. I offered to pay for them, as you could probably buy a dozen of them with just the shipping cost, though he declined. I finished assembling and tuning the saw, turned it on, and it works great. It does appear to be a very nice saw.

        As a side note, this is the latest chapter in a series of events regarding Home Depot, Ridgid and this tablesaw. As such, I am composing a letter to corporate officials to relay some thoughts regarding their overall customer service policies. I will also be sure to commend a certain service-minded Emerson individual who went beyond his responsibilities to help me out. I might also suggest that before Customer Service quickly tells a customer that they are waiting for a part to be made overseas, that they check with all of their Web Forum Moderators first to see what they have in their desk drawers [img]redface.gif[/img] )

        Thanks again to everyone for their interest and input.



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          Just a quick follow-up on this issue. I sent a long and detailed E-Mail to the Ridgid Company CEO. I did not expect a response, though after returning from a business trip, found a message from him asking whether the issue had been resolved. Yesterday, I received a call from an upper-level Ridgid Customer Service Manager. We spoke for a few minutes regarding the issue, and he left me a means of contacting him in the case of further problems.

          Large Organizations sometimes lose sight of the small, but important issues, such as satisfaction of the people that buy their products. When a CEO of such an organization takes a few minutes from his day to call a consumer, I believe that it shows an underlying corporate commitment to service. Whether that vision is properly disseminated to the employees that normally field these calls is another matter, though it is a step in the right direction.

          As a side note, I have been using the saw, and am very happy with it.




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            bdueker is da shizzle


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              Kudos for Ridgid!

              While this should have never occured I wonder how many others companies would have done similar follow up?

              I visited some HD in the Ohio and PA and the Ridgid displays were very professional, far better than the 10 I visited in central Florida.

              I also noticed the legs on the 3650 are stiffer. I wonder if the displays in Florida are early models and later production have been changed to solve the problem?
              Rev Ed