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  • TS3650 Start Key (Repost)

    Hello everyone,

    I recently purchased a new TS3650 Tablesaw from Home Depot. Upon unpacking it, I found all pieces accounted for EXCEPT the Start Key, which had been forcibly removed from its plastic keeper that housed the rest of the hardware (nothing else appeared disturbed or out of place, so someone went to a lot of trouble to steal it).

    I called Ridgid, who told me that the keys were back-ordered, and not to expect it until the end of May. I also called every Home Depot in the area, and the shop where Home Depot sends equipment for warranty work, and nobody has one.

    It just seems odd to me that there is a shortage of the one part that you HAVE to have in order to use their tools. I would think that every Home Depot would have a big box of them, just in case.

    Does anyone know of another place that I can purchase a start key for this saw? I have it almost fully assembled, and although it is very pretty (and very orange), it would be nice to see how it cuts wood.


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    You might want to check with a local electric supply house. You'll probably need to know the manufacturer of the switch and Ridgid customer service could tell you that. I don't know how universal these things are but another place to check might be an authorized service center for any brand of tools.
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      I think you can get what you need from Sears. I don't think the keys are different (jmho).



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        If the above suggestions don't work you can go to the HD where you bought the saw and insist that they give you a new key, either off a stock saw or off the display if they have one. If they won't do that then return the saw and get a new one. I know that's a PITA after you have it partially assembled, but it beats the heck out of waiting 5 or 6 weeks.
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          Thanks for your replies. I will try your suggestions, and if all else fails, try to put the burden back on HD.

          Thanks again.


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            If the switch on the 3650 is the same as the 2412/24 I may have an extra key. Does anyone know? Ridgid had previously sold the 2412/24 keys as a separate item in HD and recently had them on clearance. You might try asking for the Ridgid item AC1000 at HD.


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              Thanks again everyone. I visited my local HD and called two others in the general area, and none of them could or would help me. I just got off the phone with Ridgid Customer 'Service', and I'm not too happy with their 'Too bad, I guess you're SOL' attitude.

              They did confirm that the part number is the AC1000, so I will call around again and have the people check specifically for this part. If that fails, I might try to pick up a Craftsman Key, as someone told me it worked on one of their Ridgid tools.

              Thanks again,



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                Let me ask you a question. Doesn't Ridgid attitude make you wonder about your decision? You may figure a way around this problem but do you have any assurance you will be able to fix the next? What happens then?
                I don't understand the attitude of getting lousy service and accepting it. If Ridgid can't supply a simple part like this how do you expect them to be able to service you later?
                Rev Ed


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                  I have contacted Ridgid regarding this issue. I am not in ANY manner affiliated with Ridgid, just that I know someone there who should be able to help.

                  I know first-hand how patently superb their Customer Service can be, and I dare say it really is second to none. No one company is perfect with respect to Customer Service, but from personal experience they're a 9.999 out of a possilbe 10.0.

                  I am a Network Administrator (22 years) by Trade and I only WISH that the various computer manufacturers (Compaq, IBM, et al) were as responsive...

                  Let me know how you make out.



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                    I would go back to a HD and check all the Ridgid tools on display. Eveything they use that switch on uses the same key. I would bet they have a tool on display like the thickness planer or edge belt sander with the key in it. If you have to talk to the store manager. If you like you can e-mail me I'll send you one.


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                      Hello All,

                      Woodndust - I went back to HD yesterday and did just that, but nothing had a key. And, while the guy working the tools area was friendly, and tried to help, he didn't know what it was, or what it looked like, until I showed him a picture in the manual. I don't think they ever turned any of the machines on.

                      A Ridgid Rep told me yesterday that HD should stock the AC1000 part, though I called several stores yesterday, and the part is not even listed in their inventory.

                      RevEd - You make a good point, and I am always looking for examples of good customer support, which, unfortunately, many businesses just don't get. However, two of the four people I spoke with at Ridgid were friendly and tried to help, though they did stop at a point instead of taking the issue up the chain until it was resolved. We'll see...

                      One HD Rep that I talked to yesterday gave me the name of the HD District Manager, who just happens to have his office at the HD nearest to me. I will go there today and discuss this matter with him, and let you all know how it turns out.

                      Thanks to all for your comments.



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                        You might also call Grizzly Parts, it is the same switch, G8988 . I have this switch installed on my planer and the keys works on my DP1550 as well.


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                          Shoot me an email with your address and I'll send you an extra key that I have


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                            Are you guys crazy or is it me. If I bought a tool and it was missing a part, any part and the company that manufactured it said the best they could do was get me the part maybe in 5 to 6 weeks I would return it so quick their head would spin.

                            Why do you even consider playing this game with them? Please tell me your reasoning. I'm at a lost.
                            Rev Ed


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                              Murph - I really appreciate the offer. I have this subject going in another ridgid forum topic area (I accidentally posted it there first), and one of the moderators has kindly offered to send me a key. There appears to be a great group of people that frequent this forum, and I plan on checking in on a regular basis. I posted a reply on the other thread, as shown below.


                              I appreciate your opinion, and normally, I'm right there with you. I've held out this long for a couple of reasons. First, I have been very busy at work, and have not had a whole lot of time except for visits to HD at lunch time, or phone calls at night. When I do have time, my Wife and 3 kids come first. Next, it's big and heavy, and difficult for me to get back to the store quickly. Finally, this is a big purchase for me, and something I have wanted for some time. All of this just happened this week, and when it started, I was sure that I could find the part. However, if it was not resolved by this weekend, I was prepared to take it back.

                              I'll tell you this though: For a general consumer and homeowner, I do a lot of business at Home Depot. I have several options in my area for this type of merchandise, including a couple of Lowe's stores, who will start to see a lot more of my business. I also want to, eventually, expand my shop with a bandsaw and other equipment, and Ridgid will probably not be on my list.

                              Thanks again to everyone,