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TS3660 parts

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  • TS3660 parts

    I just purchased a new TS3660 and have it all together but I'm missing the end caps for the front and rear rails.

    My manual says to go to for parts but when I tried to go there I could not find such a site?

    Where do I find these parts from Ridgid ?


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    Re: TS3660 parts is what you need.

    BTW - the end caps are in the underside of one of the styrofoam inserts, not immediately obvious.

    Next question - where did you find a new 3660!!!???


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      Re: TS3660 parts

      If you can't find the end caps that came with the saw, here is a good source for RIDGID parts;

      Part #TH100097 Left End Rail Cap

      Part #TH100097 Right End Rail Cap
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        Re: TS3660 parts

        Ridgid has a big wearhouse sale twice a year about 12 miles from where I live. They have new and refurbished items. They had refirbished R4511 for $199.00 and they has brand new TS3660 with full warranty for $300.00


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          Re: TS3660 parts

          congratulations on a great purchase. that is one really fine saw. whenever i've purhcased new ridgid tools, and something is missing or defective, a call to ridgid CS has always resulted in the missing item showing up on my doorstep within a few days, compliments of ridgid.
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            Re: TS3660 parts

            Yes I called them this morning and my parts are on the way, no charge.
            I love the saw and I Think I'm sold on Ridgid.