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Tuning my Ridgid Planer - Help!!!

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  • Tuning my Ridgid Planer - Help!!!

    Time to turn to the experts for help. Either that or kick the cat.

    Decided to do a little fine tuning on my planer and after about an hour found myself at wits end. My problem - and my question is this - how do I get a coplane surface from the outside edge of the infeed table across the planer table body to the outside edge of the outfeed table? I've followed the directions in the manual re alignment on page 16 and tried to set each extension - in and out - independently, but I can't get them coplane across the entire length front to back. And, when I place a straightedge across the table body and over the extension and adjust as directed I wind up with the inside edge of the extension being lower than the table body. Help, and thanks in advance. The cat says thanks as well.

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    Hope I haven't confused anyone - I'm having trouble tuning my TP1300 thickness planer. BO


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      Man do I feel dumb [img]redface.gif[/img]


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        You will not be able to get the outfeed, infeed and main tables perfectly flat with each other. At the point where the main table meets the feed tables, the feed tables are slightly lower by design. When using a straight edge to align the tables, only worry about the tips of the infeed and outfeed tables, not the rest of the infeed and outfeed table.



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          Thanks Jake - and the cat thanks you as well. Glad to know that it's not possible to do what I was trying to do. Now I can go make lots of sawdust.

          rbl2 - not to feel dumb - I guess I wasn't too clear in my initial response and I do appreciate your reply. By the way, I'm in the Mandeville area. BO