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Router table 101???

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  • Router table 101???

    Hello again,
    I am looking for some help on the subject of router tables that mount in my TS3612. I saw a post about this a while back but could not find it so here it goes. I was looking the other day at the Craftsman router table that mounts to most 27" table saws, does anyone have one of these if so could you tell me some of the goods and bads.One of my questions is how easy does the fence come off when I need the extra space on my table saw.I looked at the Bench dog model but for no more than I use my current router table I don't know if I can justify it unless I find the Craftsman is not all that great. OK sock it to me ya'll

    Thanks, Jason

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    tuff71, i had the same ? about a week ago. i checked out all the prefab tops that people mentioned. then a few people suggested i build my own. its not too complicated and it will cost less than half of the prefab ones. all it takes is a little mdf, formica, angle, router plate, and a switch. i robbed a switch from a bench router table i never used. the t tracks in the ts fence makes it easy to add seperate adjustable facings to accomidate the router bit. but if you are looking for instant gratification at a low cost then i would go with the craftsmen and ditch the fence.


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      The New Yankee Workshop has an entire show on building a router station, it's a little fancy for me but it was worth the effort. You can see it on their web page.


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        In another thread a few months ago, I gave high marks to the router table plan that was in last Marchs edition of American Woodworker. It was one of my first shop projects and it was fun as well as gratifying to build! Go for a table top of at least 2 layers of 3/4 inch MDF and still use cross supports on the top of the cabinet section to maintain a level table top.
        Chris Berg


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          I just finished up my router table. I made the table out of 3/4" melamine laminated particleboard that was edged with oak. The oak edged table was dimensioned to fit into the table, 18" x 27". I extending out the both fence rails to the right side and attached the table to the saw. The table is light-weight compared to some commerical products but it works quite well.
          Hope this helps,
          PS: It is also inexpensive.


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            Do you mind posting a picture of what your router table looks like? I am curious on how u were able to attach it to the table saw and what techniques you used.

            - J


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              I will have to send you the image via email. I do not know how to attach photos to replies.


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                This is what I did on my 3650 [img]smile.gif[/img]