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3612 alignment. Please help!

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  • 3612 alignment. Please help!

    Can anyone give me some tips, or complete instructions if you have time, on aligning blade to miter slot on 3612?

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    Do you have a dial indicator gage? If not, you can pick one up for cheap (I got mine for $7). It is not necessary but it helps. A link for my gage is below as is a link for Harbor Freight stores by state (I noticed that there is one in Miami).


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        thanks for the reply. i do have a gauge, and have already established alignment is a bit off. its with the actual alignmente i need help on. seems complicated and i dont want to do more damage than good.


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          I hope this will help you, as I do not have the 3612, but the 2424. But should be the same.

          There are 6 bolts under the table top that holds the trunion in place. Looking into the back of the saw, you need to loosen the 3 in front of you, and the 2 on the sides in the front of the saw. Use the hex key wrench (allen wrench) to micro adjust the rear of the trunion.

          Because the trunion is loose, you will not get a totally accurate reading, but gives you a guide to go buy. Using the micro adjust set screws, dial it in, then lightly tighten the trunion. Then gauge the blade again. Touch up the micro adjusteres, and finish tightening the trunion.

          I don't have or use a gauge, but have 2 combination squares I use. One for each of the miter tracks. Even if the blade isn't perfectly flat, the amount of friction can be evenly judged from both sides at the same time, from front to back of the blade.
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            I believe that one of the improvements between the 2424 and the 3612 is the blade alignment. I followed the manual, but don't remember the details, but it was straightforward. Be sure to only loosen the bolts it tells you, though. As I recall, not all were loosened


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              The TS2424 and TS2424LS have different trunions. Mine is the LS model, which has the same trunion as the 3612, with the micro adjusters. HUGE improvement and ease for alignments.

              Leaving the front center only tight, allows for the pivot point so the whole thing doesn't move. All others are necessary for the micro adjuster to work without stripping.
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                Since you have a gage, it should go pretty easily. The 3612 has a lever on the center screw on the back that is used for alignment. I don't have experience with a 2424 but the 3612 was very easy to get to 0.001". I could probably get it closer if I actually spent time on it.

                The manual says (on p. 23):
                7. Tighten the tilt lock handle located at
                the front of the saw.

                8. Loosen the three mounting screws
                that hold the front trunnion and the
                three mounting screws that hold the
                rear trunnion using a 9/16" wrench.
                The front center trunnion bolt can be accessed through the slot for the tiltlock handle in the front of the saw.

                9. Check position of the sawblade in
                the table insert slot. There should be
                a minimum of 1/8" between the right
                edge of the slot and the blade
                (viewed from rear of saw). Adjust by
                moving the front trunion. Secure by
                lightly tightening the front trunion
                center bolt.

                10. Standing at the rear of the saw, determine
                which direction the rear of the
                sawblade must move to make it parallel
                to the miter slot. To move the rear
                of the blade to the right - turn the
                micro adjust lever to the left. To move
                the rear of the blade to the left - turn
                the micro adjust lever to the right.

                11.Using the micro adjust lever move the
                rear of the blade in the desired direction.
                Repeat steps 3 and 4 until blade
                is parallel to miter gauge slot.

                12. Securely tighten all six screws on the
                rear and front trunnion using a 9/16"

                13. Recheck the marked blade tooth at
                the front and rear position to insure
                that the adjustment has not moved.

                14. If the adjustment moved, loosen the
                five bolts (all except front center) and
                repeat steps 11-12.

                Tips: If your front trunion is fine with the 1/8" clearance mentioned in #9, do not loosen the front center bolt to start with as it mentions in #14. Tighten the bolts slowly and check your dial indicator often. Make sure you are measuring at the same spot on the blade to avoid blade runout. FYI, if you use the supplied miter bar with the gage, there is 0.003" of play in mine so make sure to push it against the same side. I redid mine recently with an Incra miter bar to avoid this (only because I had it). With all this said, I found it extremely easy to do.