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    Goldenwing----no, you don't need to appologize and frankly don't know why you should feel you have to. What you don't seem to get is that HD is not like McDonalds----where Big Macs are the same across the entire country.

    I've been around this and other forums too long to not recognize that what one HD might offer, the other doesn't. They are totally inconsistant---so great----you have a good one by you---and 5 or 6 people also posted that their local stores were varying degress of pond scum.

    This isn't saying you're wrong, any more than your implied generalizations are true at our stores. Heck, you may even have decent lumber at yours, though I'd tend to doubt it.


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      What you don't seem to get is that HD is not like McDonalds----where Big Macs are the same across the entire country.
      Obvuiously you don't eat at McD's HD, sometimes the BigMacs are scrumptious....and othertimes i wouldn't feed them to my dog!!! it all comes down to how much work the employee is willing to put into doing his or her job, you can't always blame management with some of the people they have to work with.

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        Don't really want this to turn into a fight. Aside from food sitting around in the warmer too long, one Big Mac is pretty much like the other.

        And, yes employees can be a problem, but, I've spent the last 18 years dealing with businesses on a consulting basis. I can tell you, without the slightest hesitation that where management has blamed the employees for problems or they complain about poor employees-----99% of the time, I've found management hasn't been doing their job, whether it comes to proper/required training, hazardous waste management, machine guarding/safety, or the general condition or business standards of their trade.

        Yes, there are lazy, unmotivated employees, but getting employees to do their job and weeding out the bad ones is EXACTLY what management is supposed to do. I don't buy into the claim that an entire workforce is like this, because it simply isn't true.


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          Employees are for the most part a direct representation of management. You will not have good employees with bad management, they will not last. And good management will not tolerate bad employees.
          And I wouldn't give any big mac to my dog, good or bad. That is animal abuse.


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              We have 4 HD here and 2 Lowes. They have been here about 15 or so years, and they were both great at the start but now I don't go there unless I have to. You can never find any help at either one of them and If you do find help they don't now anymore than I do. Then to check out they have 1 or maybe 2 registers open and lines clear to the back of the store.I would rather pay a little more and get the help I need and get back to work.


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                Heck no.. No big macs for anyone until they come clean and tell us what that "secret sauce" really is!


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                  No big macs for anyone until they come clean and tell us what that "secret sauce" really is!
                  ...lots of teenage boys @ McD's....don't go there about the "secret sauce"!


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                    I had to just chuckle as I read through the postings here. Not at you but at the fact that HD has deteriorted so severly over the years. When our local store opened it was clean friendly and had knowledgeable people. Then 2 years later is was no longer.

                    My GF went in one evening to buy me a 8 inch Delta grinder, but they had some other manufacturer for a little less, so she asks the toolcrib guy what the difference was, he told "if you don't know what you want then you will just have to wait until I get around to it and you should know what you are buying if you're going to come here. Luckily for her the maintenance man from her plant was there and helped her. Not so lucky for the HD employeee, I made the call the next day to Atlanta, I simply asked them to review my acount for the last 3 years and if they would like me to cancel it that day, they didn't (I had the figures for them if they didn't).

                    Now I've been in sales and marketing for going on 35 years and I know how it should be handled but the local management does not care and neither do the local district managers. But like Sears once was, in most cases they are the only game in town, but times change and HD day of reckoning is coming.
                    Lowes opened a new store right down the road from them, thought things would get better, didn't in fact Lowes has deteriorated in the last 6 months. Brand new Lowes 5 miles away open for less then 6 months, service in the aisles is decent, but check out stands are staffed by some real wing-dings and never open.

                    As for the remarks about White Cap, I agree, but HD will fold them in within the next year to 18 months and the great service will be gone. They haven't owned them long enough to distroy them yet.


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                      Mnay people I know as well as myself have not had good luck at Home Depot; I can never get good service. When I went in to get a replacement water filter for my mom, they had a lady that used to run a plumbing store working in the flooring depatment. The lady that tried to help me didn't know anything about plumbing!!! There are some people that have had better luck at other branches of the store, so it may only be that local branch that is this way, I don't know. I have heard that their tools are made lower quality so they can have a lower price, but the person I have heard this from is kind of critical of everything anyway.
                      I agree with CWSmith that their lumber and such is not in the best shape. I would never buy stuff like that from them anyway, as we have a lot of local stores that have good quality lumber, doors, and the like.

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                        The truth of the matter is that the quality of service has gone down. I have been with HD since 1989 and have watched it happen. ALL of the Founders of the company are gone. With them went alot of the passion for the customer. They reworked labor management and that is why there are less aprons on the floor. every year we loose more benifits(or they just cost us more).Here lately We have had to cut hours because sales are down. one of the hardest things I have to do as a manager is to send employees home early. Because not only does this put more pressure on the other employees and the customers suffer, but I know that for most of my full time people anything less than a full paycheck puts a financial stress on their families. I care about my Customers, my employees and the company too. If I didn't I would have walked away a long time ago.
                        The thing is that Sales drives how many aprons we have on the floor. And now with the Gift cards and the Online store(which don't count for hours at any store) it just keeps getting worse. There are some in the upper management that are fighting to make changes to get back to what is most important(customers) and I will continue to fight everyday to help them acheive this goal.
                        I know I have rambled on here but I just wanted you guys to know that there are some of us at HD that do still believe that the customer is most important.

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                          I think we have to be careful about false generalizations. The fact of the matter is that knowledge about tools, carpentry, painting, or whatever is not a criterion for hiring at Home Depot. Some of the folks can find things only if you give then an SKU (and, possibly, a few not even then) while in the very same store other employees are experts in their field. (I've yet to encounter anyone in the painting business who knows more than the paint guy in Waltham, MA, but in the very same store I once asked a guy in electrical where I would find double pole switches and he told me that all of their stuff was in English.) So the only general statement that is valid is that "It varies."

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                            Jeff--kind of a vicious circle isn't it----few customers---send people home, so the few customers left have less help.

                            I do know what you mean about the affect founding execs can have. Hewlett-Packard was a fantastic company when both founders were still alive---particularly Dave Packard--long after he stepped down, he still visited the plants and still had an affect. The company took a real down turn, when they both died---not only for employees (we had a few as friends) but for customers when the quality of their products took a nose dive.

                            I can remember when HD first opened up here. You could get great help and they had top-notch products. It's not just employee hours and benefits suffering. My last trip into HD (6 months ago) I was looking for alternative under sink water filters and some wood preservative to do my deck. They only had one brand of filter (no choices at to style, etc.) and only one wood preserviative product---nothing to choose between.