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  • Finally did it...

    Finally went and took advantage of the present 12 months 0% HD financing and the lifetime warranty on the Ridgid tools-

    Plus had 10% off as compensation for having a special order messed up.

    The TP1300 was down to $329 from $379,
    The BS1400 was down to $299 from $349,
    The JP0610 wasn't down at all, $399,
    The EB4424 was still at $199,

    Also got the Cordless 3/8" 14.2 2x Drill Kit at $169,
    and a Ryobi 18" VS Scroll Saw at $149

    The 10% amounted to $156 off, so came in at just over 1500 after taxes.

    Have been in the store 3 or 4 times a week, checking, figured I'd "just do it" and get it over with while they had the stock-

    I bought the 12" CMS about a month ago and had the receipt taped inside the back cover of the instruction book, and noticed today that the print under the scotch tape had "disappeared", luckily it was only at the top, botton and sides I had the tape, so nothing of significance had "disappeared", so I don't know what the effect of laminating the receipt would be. I think making copies and laminating them and taping each to each tool would be the better way, so if I have to cart a tool in for service, the receipt will be readily available-

    Now all I have to do is to get them all set up and learn how to use them. This will be the start of a replacement hobby. Computers were, and I've sunk way more money into computers as the hardware is always changing- At least, the initial outlay is comparible to buying a new pc loaded, printer, monitor, and software-

    I know there will be other outlays for bits, more accessories, materials, etc. But taking my time will be the strategy, learning as I go.

    The forums (bt3 central, here and ryobi, as well as other woodworking ones) are very addictive ...

    Thanks to all for sharing their experiences, recomendations and advice. Hopefully I'll be able to effectively contribute something back in the future!

    Augusta, GA

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    Good for you !!!!!! Ya win the lottery ???
    Enjoy the new tools..... and welcome to a greaaaat hobby !!!! (business for some of us )
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