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  • TS3612 "On Sale"

    I just got home from the big orange. While I was there I went to the tool section to see how the remodeling(their moving stuff around) was coming and to see if any of the RIDGID stuff was being marked down. Sure enough, the 3612 was on sale, marked down from $647 to $597. Mind you, I have never, ever seen the 3612 at this particular HD or any other HD for that matter marked at anything other than $597. I bought mine at this HD for $597.

    I do know one thing though, this kind of selling technique in illegal in my state. Maybe a telephone call or two is in order.
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    Saw the same price tags at several stores here in Minneapolis. Clearance for $597, regular $649. Ha! I can't remember when, if ever, I saw it marked for the "regular price" of $649.


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      Never has been unless they were pricing it with assembly. It debuted at $597.
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        Here in Ottawa I noticed HD dropped the price of the 13" planer from $649. to $599. to match the new Delta two speed planer.


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          I was at a Lowe's about 6 weeks ago looking at the $179 Hitachi M12V router. They had just raised the price to $199 and put a sign on it "New low price!". Now they don't even carry it. Marketing at it's best!

          The local HD lowered the price on the TS2412 to $345, I think it was. No other price cuts yet.


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            BadgerDave...... just bought mine, 7/05/03. Paid $566 total, including tax. Whats up with that?? not that I'm complainin, but are'nt all HD supposed to be the same ???

            Naturally, when it was time to haul that 200 plus lbs up on the truck, all the "help" disappeared
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              I've been away from home for the past week, but I was going to make this very same post about the Home Depot in Cranberry Township, PA. I was assuming that the "old price" came from some dishonest, lying manager at that particular store. I guess it really must have come from some dishonest, lying manager at the Home Depot corporate office.

              If I can hazard a guess here and read between the lines (always a dangerous thing to do!), my guess is that the new 3650 table saw is going to be priced at $647. This may be asking for more than Emerson is capable of, but if anyone can get Home Depot to stop this unethical practice with your tools, your efforts would be appreciated.


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                Despite the fact that the saw was never physically AT the HD stores in question, I believe the 3612 has always been available at the $647 price via special order. These stores had probably not unloaded all of the 2424's so the 3612 never made it to the sales floor.


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                  My local HD seems to have reduced the price by $50 on all of the Ridgid line, with the exception of the 3612 which has been, and is still at $597. The DP1550 now at $249 looks to be the best bargain. Jointer at $395 and they've even got down the very dusty Lathe boxes which must have been around for years!



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                    I do believe that kind of pricing scam is illeagel and sounds like it is from corporate!

                    BTW----HD has never been a store to work too hard at rotating it's merchandise----I've seen 3612s in boxes on storage racks, but the two stores by me still have the 2424s out, with missing parts, broken handles, etc.----nary a discount. No wonder HD was having problems if they weren't tracking their inventory better.


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                      Yep, the locals here have gone yellow tag on the $597, too.

                      I believe this is to stimulate interest and start clearing out the pipes for 3650 and related. It probably had an artificially high list price to begin with, and went in their system at $647. The $597 became the street price, but now they need to attract more attention from the soon-to-be-unattractive inventory, while keeping their margins up as long as possible.

                      I would bet that it actually does drop on the remaining items when the new stuff hits the shelves.


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                        All of the 3612 in the Grenville, SC HD diappeared. I don't believe they sold them all of the sudden.
                        They had 3 or 4 went back a week or 2 later and none left.


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                          I frequent 4 of the stores here in Minneapolis. Last week, when they first yellow tagged them at a "sale price" of $597 , there were probably 9 or 10 of them between the 4 stores. Now, I'm not seeing any. At the one store, 3 of them disappeared within one day. Suppose somebody is actually "buying" the yellow tag scheme? Seems suspicious when some of the boxes didn't appear to have even moved an inch in the weeks prior, now suddenly all gone. Now that the regular price is duly noted as $649, and there are none left to sell at that price, perhaps we will see the displays sold as open box buys for the clearance price of $597.


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                            #1: Yup, yellow tags are working. Most TS buyers don't read the internet much, least of all this site, and don't know what the old price was.

                            #2: Conversely, word of the Ryobi deal has gotten out and there is a sudden run to get the last of the "American made" saws.

                            #3: HD is transferring inventory to their best-moving TS locations from their doggiest ones.

                            #4: Ridgid is secretly buying back the HD inventory from the most heavily stocked stores to help launch the new line. Look for the "old" ones to be brown-boxed at Big Lots for $199 after spending a few months in regional warehouses, after 3650 comes out...

                            ... and then I woke up. Would be cool, though. Such things are not unheard of.

                            I like some combination of #1, #2, and #3.


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                              Well, it sucks whenever you see you paid a little more. I just ordered a thing from Amazon for 148, got antsy and looked around (within 12 hours), and found the same darn thing elsewhere for 129. Clicked the Order button, and guess what... it was through Amazon. [img]redface.gif[/img]

                              Another way of looking at is as that you got the use of the saw (that I don't have) for one full year, for the $52. As long as you aren't trying to resell it for list price, the math is there.

                              NOW you have a saw you are comfortable and happy with. Pretend you rented it for $1 a week for one full year. Sweet. Then, you decided to buy one. Now we're even, but you have a year's worth of stuff.

                              Nobody's seen a 3650 yet, so it's hard to say what you're missing. The elevation lock. TEFC motor. Cast iron extensions (apparently fuller ones). T-slots. And any start-up pains for a new model. 'Bout it, so far. Probably a good machine but I think you're ok... if not, I'll give you the $52 for your old one right now.