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  • DP 1550

    Just bought and got it set up.

    First hole locked in my selfeed bit - how to reverse it?

    Also what are the slots in the base for?

    Thanks - lfh

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    First of all, welcome to the forum. [img]smile.gif[/img]
    My drill press isn't a Ridgid, but I had the same thing happen with a self-feeding bit. I think that type of bit is just too "aggresive" for a drill press. I don't use them in the drill press anymore. Forstner bits work great.
    How to reverse it? By hand. Only way I know.
    The slots in the base serve the same purpose as the slots in the table, but for MUCH bigger parts. I've never used mine and probably never will.
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      If I'm understanding you correctly, you should be able to unchuck the bit then use a hand drill to back the bit out.
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