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trouble with arbor replacement

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  • trouble with arbor replacement

    I'm to the part of tapping out the old arbor. Problem is I keep tapping, and tapping, and tapping. It isn't moving. Any suggestions or should I bite the bullet and take it to a service center (an hour away from me)?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Have you removed the E-ring?


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      Yep. And I even have the saw sitting on its side which gravity would be helping (as I do not have not assembled the entire saw). I bought the saw back in August during the rebate promotion and just now getting around to setting it up (due to smiling little baby).

      I've not read where anyone else has had any issues with getting the arbor. A few have mentioned it took a couple of taps but it came out fairly easily.

      The instructions I'm following are off this forum. I removed the pulley, key and E ring.

      What am I missing?


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        Wulfman, mine was real stiff also. I did mine upright as my saw was assembled. What I did was raise the arbor all the way up and used a 1/2" brass rod and hammer to tap on the disc part of the arbor through the hole in the saw top to get it started. Once I got it started coming out It was fairly easy.