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    I have an old Craftsman---grandfather to the 2424. Over the years, after a good-sized project, the saw had a tendancy to go out of alignment (rear of the blade toeing in towards fence).

    To take one last shot at solving the problem, I added machined pulleys, link belt, aftermarket adjustable trunnion, and replaced the old arbor assembly (bearing was starting to go), which also allowed me to clean up the trunnion mounts,etc. . Now, you new 2424 and 3612 owners--this may not seem new, but these were not included with the old Craftsman version.

    Anyway---nearly done with a big project---checked alignment---dead on! Good news---I fixed the problem. Bad News---now have no reason to buy a new saw.

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    Yeah, but it sure is nice to get that old iron working. Was just today in the shop of an old timer (85 yrs) who still works 6 hrs every day. He has a huge shop and needs every bit of the room, as it's full of prehistoric monsters. They are as solid as a sledge hammer. He's a craftsman that people come to when they have fine work to be done. It's a real treat to talk to him.