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    I was wondering how everyonehonestly feels about the blade that came with the ridgid 2424 compared to some of the other blades that have been discussed.
    It seems the "good" blades run between $60-$100.

    I certainly welcome(and look forward to) all responses, but I would certainly like to know what you think Jake.

    Which brings me to my next question.
    Do I need a new blade?
    It seems I can only clean off the pitch and build up with oven cleaner only so many times (I need to let my eyebrows grow back).
    Actually Easy Off works wonders, but it seems that the pitch builds up very quickly(within a few cuts of cutting ply wood), there is burning on rip cuts(not cross cuts), and there is tear out on both entry and exit points of the blade contact during cross cuts(notice it more on the exit edge of the cross cut)
    To the best of my knowledge, the alignment seems to be good between miter slots, table, blade, and fence.

    thanks guys(and gals?)

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    I like Systematic blades. Started using them a few weeks back on the advice of a freind. These give me great results, at a reasonable price.

    These folks have good prices, and get the blades to you fast!
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      I've been fairly impressed with the blade that came with my TS2424. I've used it to rip and cross-cut birch plywood and solid maple stock with good results.


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        I'm reopening this topic, I'm not sure who closed it.



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          I am pretty happy with the stock Rigid blade. I have three Freud blades, all fine cut types. The stock blade rips cleanly and straight. I just resawed several pieces of ash down to 3/16th or so, and was pleased with the results. I got one side smooth enough to finish with a ROS. My TS2424 replaces a BT3000 that I literally wore out. It is Soooonice to be able to take off the miter gauge and reuse it with out recalibrating!! And the fence is head and shoulders above the Ryobi. The first box I made was so simple and square, I was worried something was wrong.
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            I am actually quite happy with my blade. I have had it for about a year now, have cut lots of oak and maple and it seems to do well. I did just notice yesterday that the "chroming" has worn off at the J slots that are supposed to cool the blade. Has this happened to anyone else? Normal for a blade like this? All my other blades have been used before I got them, so i have never experienced this type of wear before. Did i do something wrong, or does the blade just heat up and this is where the heat goes, melting off the coating? The blade still cuts fine.


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              I like the blade and I think it cuts OK. But, when I raise it to about 2" I can actually see it "wobble" when i turn it by hand. I have a zero clearance insert so I know it's not just my eyes. I don't know if the blade is bent or what. I have it dialed in to 1/1000th's runout with an indicator. If anyone has suggestions on what this might be I would appreciate them. I don't know if this is effecting my work or not.


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