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Best use of money - Jointer or other shop accessories?

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    I would definitely get some sort of dust collector before I got either a joiner or a planer. As far as other power tool goes, the only thing you don't have besides the joiner and planer is a bandsaw. Depending on what you plan to build, a bandsaw (14" or more) could be an extremely valuable thing (resawing, cutting curves, and ripping boards).
    Don't take my this next comment as a criticism because I certainly don't mean it that way. But, this is one of those questions to which there is really not a good answer other than, maybe, it depends. It's similar to the question, "what are the most essential tools in the workshop." At one level, the answer is that it depends on the type of work you do. "Essential" tools will vary depending upon wheither you're making chairs, cabinets, jewelry boxes, or turning pens.
    At another level, there is really no answer because it is hard to argue that any specific tool is essential--unless you count the person behind the tool. It certainly doesn't make any sense to argue that any power tool is "essential" since the periods of highest craftsmanship where generally those before power tools. There are usually several ways to get the job done and the best way depends on one's skills, budget, time, and available space.
    For example, I know a lady that does beautiful work with a contractor's table saw, scroll saw, 9" bandsaw, router and Incra router jig on a table top, and a few hand tools. She keeps her tools in her living room and uses a mobile base to move her table saw onto her patio to work. Obviously, rain and cold postpones the table saw work. This lady builds everything from cabinets to jewelry boxes and does beautiful scroll saw work.


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      I am surprized no one suggested a band saw. It seems that a band saw could be one of the most usefull tools in your shop. Resawing, cutting curves, etc.

      Someone mentioned that there is no need for a planer if you are only buying lumber from HD... What about planing laminated narrow boards? e.g., laminating a few narrow boards to make a 12" wide piece suitable for a raised panel? What about making a dozen of them?