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    what is the story on the table saws, I see 5 different models not counting the 3612, i.e. 24240 and 24241 24120 etc. the 24240 and24241 say deluxe cast iron table but the 3612 doesn't? I thought the 3612 was top of the line?
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    Ok heres the Current line up of table saws:

    TS2400LS Portable Table Saw with Legset
    TS2412 Cast Iron Table Saw
    TS3612 Deluxe Cast Iron Table Saw

    Here's the Generational line up

    Portable Table Saw: TS2400 0 -> TS2400LS
    Cast Iron Table Saw: TS2412 0 -> TS2412 1
    Deluxe Cast Iron Table Saw: TS2424 0 -> TS2424 1 -> TS2424LS -> TS3612

    Note: The number at the end of some of the model numbers is how we track small changes to that model.

    The last unit of each line is what is currently available. There may be some TS2424LSs in stores yet as some Home Depots work down inventory before ordering the TS3612.



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      OK thank you, have one last question, if HD is using the same stock number and I want to buy a 3612, can I tell the difference in the boxes they are packed in or are they the same?
      Oh by the way, a question on the bandsaw, The top tension knob. Is it on with a roll pin and can it be removed? I want to make a crank in place of the knob.

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        I have seen a 3612 in the bax at my local HD and it is clearly marked as such.

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          Thanks Rick!
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