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  • Woodcraft Tenon jig

    Has anyone used the Woodcraft tenon jig? I purchased one and followed the instructions about left tilt blade use which the TS3650 is. With the left tilt setup or the nromal set up seems correct. Can anyone help. I would hate to destroy a blade, wood or eat any flying metal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I never have used nor set up a tenon jig before!

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    Hi Gary. I have the tenoning jig you are talking about. I used the "left-tilt" set up for my 2424TS and it works. Once you get the set-up done for a cut, the next ones are easy, but I found it necessary to always run a few tests before going live with real stock.

    For $50 or so, I guess you can't expect too much. Good luck. [img]smile.gif[/img]