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  • dust collector advise

    I need an INEXPENSIVE d.c. So far i'm half way thru making one using a 4hp shop vac, 5 gal bucket, plywood and a garbage can. mounted the shop vac to the 5 gal bucket. cut a hole in the bottom of bucket for airflow. mounted that to the plywood that has two holes. one for the bucket to fit over and one for the collector hose. my hope is that the chips will collect in the garbage can and the dust will draw up thru the hole in the bucket and trap in the shopvac filter. if anyone knows where i can purchase a d.c. cheap or has a good do it yourself plan, let me know. not sure my idea will work yet.........thanks

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    here's a good link to a home made DC system:
    and another:

    you may find a good lot of info in these and the further links inside.
    you may have to cut and paste these URLs because they are so long?

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      dont mess around with making a dust collector get the ridgid 6.5 hp wet dry vac with the detachable blower, this vac will suck up anythign screws and nuts, i use it in my machine shop to clean out the lathes and the bridgeport mills.