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    Everybody keeps mentioning the Ridgid Reps that call on HD. Are they available to us the consumers for insight and information?

    How do we find out who they are and when they will be at HD.

    Any chance of them doing a “class” similar to a HD class on ceramic tile etc?

    An educated consumer is a valuable consumer!

    I would enjoy chatting with them. How about a monthly or quaterly regional RUG (Ridgid Users Group) meeting?

    How many of you would particapate??????
    Every project I start is a gamble.

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    I Would [img]smile.gif[/img]
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      I'll pass this on to the powers that be. The reps service the HD stores, keeping the displays looking good, training associates, and helping maintain inventory so their schedule is pretty full.



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        I spend so much time gawking at the big orange box that I've run into the Ridgid rep a couple of times at different stores in our area (San Diego county -north). Although, like Jake says, he's always busy, he's never too busy to stop and talk Ridgid. He single-handedly talked me out of the Delta or Jet TS I was considering and into the TS2424. He got to me too late to talk me out of the Grizzly bandsaw; but did get me to go to 5 different big orange boxes to find a new (in the box) jointer. So far, Ridgid machines have been good choices. I credit the Ridgid rep for those sales. I'll bet there's other guys/gals out there that could be "persuaded" by these reps.
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          I definitely would.

          I here all of the talk about stores in the northeast and CA...anyone live around central Texas?

          I am going to buy the bandsaw, planer, lathe and jointer. I flat out ask the manager here (Killeen, TX) if they would do any discount if I bought them all. I was promtply told no (in a nice way). 'There is no margin in tools...profit is in accessories.'

          I'd sure like to find some of those deals like you guys get.
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            For some reason HD personel dont want to give out any info on who the rep is( or else they just dont know). I called the largest Plumbing supplier here in Cincinnati and asked who it was and recieved about 5 different ways to get in touch with him. Different approach to a common problem.....


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              Every project I start is a gamble.


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                So long as it is within driving range, I'd go.


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                  HD I go to Woodruff Road Greenville, SC has a display/storage area and no inventory. Tell rep this area could use some time. Bought a joimter the other day and had to go to three stores to get it. Yes they called for me and said store #2 had it, got there and had to go to store #3 before they really had it. Woodruff Road HD just not into Ridgid.