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3612 or 3650 table saw? Help, please.

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  • 3612 or 3650 table saw? Help, please.

    I'm new to this forum and a total beginner in woodworking. I need some advice on recently purchased (still in box) tools. I bought a table saw from HD (model TS3612) for $469 on clearance. I recently saw the new model TS3650 table saw at HD and it looks great to me. I'm particularly interested in the dust collection feature that it has. So now I'm thinking of returning my 3612 and getting the 3650 instead for $597. My hesitation in doing this is that I don't know if the dust collection feature works effectively. There is no available advice on this except from this group. My second concern is that I don't know anything about One World Technologies, who would be handling the warranty for the 3650. The 3612 is handled by Ridgid.

    I'm looking for advice from this group as to whether I should return the 3612 for the 3650 to get the dust collection system. I'm also looking for advice on Ridgid vs. OWT warranty service.

    I've noticed that the 3650 is made in Taiwan and the 3612 that I have is "built in USA". What does "built in USA" mean? I see that some components are made elsewhere. For example the fence is made in Taiwan, the motor is made by Emerson in the USA. Do you have any information on where other components are made? I'm just curious. It's not a big issue for me.

    Looking forward to your opinions, so bring them on.


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    I will try and keep this short -

    I just bought 3612. Did your's come with the box of rip fence rail assemblies?? Mine did not and I was told they were on order the week before I bought it (either a lie or misinformes HD employee) If I were a betting man I would say no. If not, return it and get the 3650. I saw the new ones today and beside a few nice improvements, my HD had the rails in stock (unlike most 3612's they are discounting.) The rails come in a separate box about 4 ft long. If you have the rails for the 3612, I think I would keep what I've got - Being new to this great hobby, you have a lot more things you need (and will want) to buy!

    I was told the 3612 had the lifetime warranty and the new ones did not. This was a selling point for me to get the soon-to-be-discontinued model.

    Anyway...I don't think any contractor style table saw will get great dust collection. If you search this forum there is one post that touches on this subject and gives you a picture and company name for a dust collection port that will fit the 3612.

    Hope I was helpful.


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      I did not realize the 3650 was released. Why are there no photos or info on this site. Who is OWT. Do any of you have a picture you can post of the new saw. I wonder when we'll see this in Canada ?


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        Go here:

        As for OWT - I haven't really been able to piece together who bought who.


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          OK, I just answered my own question. I found the site for the new tool line manufcatured under Techtronic Industries or One World Technologies. What happend ? Ridgid has gone import. To answer your question NUGGY I just read the warranty agreement for the new line. You have to deal with OWT for the service not Ridgid. What happened to lifetime warranty ?. Now it's only 3 years. If you visit Techtronics website you'll see that they are a very succesful company thats aquired many others. They are also the company that manufactures Ryobi and are also in with HD.( That explains the foolish orange color on everything ) Take a look at all the new goodies with the Ridgid name, they strike a remarkable resemblance to Ryobi handheld tools. I would hold on to that TS3612 because we won't see the USA made Ridgid tools for much longer. We'll be getting Ryobi tools with the Ridgid Brand Name. I was trying to decide between Ridgid and Delta for my new saw. Guess which one I just went with? (hint -- it's not orange all over).


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            For the record, and for all you Canadian Rigideers out there in cyberland.....HD is selling off their TS3612s in the Brampton, Ontario area. Regularly, they sell for $998 CDN. These are being offered for about $650. They have also knocked more than a $100 off the Rigid 12 inch miter saw AND the reduced price INCLUDES the stand. Instead of $489 CDN, it is being offered for $366!!! Dont walk...RUN to your nearest HD!!! Thats a heck of a deal!! They dont have many in stock. I am tempted by the TS price but the presence of a blade height lock and the enclosed motor will sway me to go for the 3650 when it comes out.
            Chris Berg


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              No reason to get rid of a perfectly good 3612!

              kenb, looks like you haven't been visiting a lot lately. There has been a lot of discussion of some items you mention.

              It is obvious to anyone who has seen the tools that they are not Ryobi clones. Have you actually seen them, picked them up, in the store? You will find the orange a little more subdued than it appears on the web.

              The 3650 is in stores around here, just mostly not assembled yet. The hand tools also are certainly not Ryobi clones (some appear to be Metabo clones, and are made in Germany... read some of the reviews elsewhere on this forum). There are indeed pictures and specs of 3650 on this site and have been for a month or so. Note the TEFC motor, solid cast iron wings, and full T-slots.

              Lifetime warranty extends to tools purchased through the end of this year, then just goes to 3 years that some of the other guys offer. Hope you enjoy your Delta, they reportedly make some fine saws... with a 2-year warranty .

              Check in more often and stay current... there have been some big changes and they are not all bad!

              [ 09-24-2003, 10:34 PM: Message edited by: Mark IV ]


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                Originally posted by kenb:
                What happend ? Ridgid has gone import.
                Actually, the Ridgid jointer, planer, bandsaw, and drill press have always been Taiwan / China imports. The tablesaws and some miter saws were assembled in the US, but largely from imported components.


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                  Mark IV and Kent,

                  Thank G*d someones bringing sanity to this post!

                  I've never seem so many false statements in such a short time. If it were on another forum I frequent we'd call it "trolling"...



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                    I bought my 3650 and have it nearly assembled. It is made in Taiwan but it is still a far better product than the Craftsman examples. I can not compare it to a 3612 nor will I try... no experience with that saw. The saw is well packaged and with instructions that make sense. I have only found a couple of items that required tweaking because they did not assemble as described in the manual (minor issues).

                    I have found out that once you remove the oil from the cast iron table and extensions that you better get some wax on them... I cleaned it Sunday and today noticed discoloration in areas (mild mild rust) A little Mothers cleaned it up and it now has a layer of finishing wax.

                    I have to agree that the HD folks are pretty clueless on the new Ridgid tools being released... training program is a little behind.

                    I have upgraded the blade to a nice 80 tooth Freud and looking at alternatives for miter gauges... factory one is a little weak.

                    So, I am still pleased with my purchase and plan on making sawdust this weekend.
                    \"It is better to be careful 100 times than killed once\"<br />Mark Twain


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                      For $490 ... go for the 3612. I have it, and I love it. There is not a single feature missing that I did want in a my 3612. For less than 500 bucks, it is a steal!

                      - J


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                        Mark IV: No I have not been here in a while. Yes, maybe not Ryobi but who is in control now of things like quality control and design. Why the drop from lifetime to 3 years ? As for the 3650 I will wait and see what others experience with it before I decide.Delta has the X5 now (with 5 year warranty)and yes they do make a good tool and have proven themselves for years.

                        Cutbuff: Don't take it personal! My kids have all kinds of wierd names for things too.

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                          The fact remains, any RIDGID product you buy before the end of 2003 has a LIFETIME WARRANTY...regardless of where the product is manufactured. Who else offers this?

                          The 3650's are in the stores in Louisiana but, not yet on display. I saw two of them up on the rack in my local HD. I keep checking the 3 local stores to see if they'll drop the price on the Drill Press and Jointer any further. They're still $259 and $399.
                          keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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                            If you got the correct fence and rails with the 3612, keep it. IMO, there is not enough new features to warrant paying an extra $150 or $200 for the updated features. If you really want, Spend that extra $200 on a Bies or Incra fence or a nice miter guage. (you'll be happier that way.)


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                              Thanks to everyone for your quick responses. It has helped me decide. As most of you suggested, I have decided to keep the TS3612. I have a complete unit consisting of 2 boxes: 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. Both are tagged TS3612. I have not assembled the equipment but I opened the number 1 box and saw the fence in the box. So I have decided to get dust collection device guaranteed to work - a broom and dustpan [img]smile.gif[/img]

                              On another note and for what it's worth, I went to my local HD today and convinced the HD guy to remove the laser disc from the 1250LZ Miter saw and attempt to install it on the MS1290 model and it will not fit. The 1290 has a bigger arbor. We also tried it on an MS1060 and it won't fit. (They ran out of MS1250 saws due to a recent clearance.) When the new MS1290LZ arrives at HD I'll try the process again to see if it will fit on an MS1290. This is assuming that they still have the MS1290 in stock. The laser disc is also used on Ryobi saws, so it appears that there is only one manufacturor and it is not unique to Ridgid. In fact it can be purchased through the Woodworker's Supply catalog for $60. Obviously it's not called Exactline. It is called Laser Guide. It is 2 inches in diameter and 5/8 inch thick. I believe that the older Ridgid model has the clearance to accomodate this as far as the blade guide goes.

                              Thanks again for all your inputs and advice.