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  • R4511 Arbor Flange

    I recently purchased an R4511. I swear the first time I put the Arbor Flange on, it slid over the arbor and went into place. Now, whether i'm taking it off or on, the arbor flange is very very difficult to move. I have to "screw" it off or on like it was the flange nut.

    Also, when I tighten the flange down using the flange nut, and later want to remove the saw blade, I can barely get the flange away from the blade. I had to push the flange away from the blade using a screwdriver and hammer. Then I had to use channel locks to unscrew the flange because it was so tight on the arbor

    Am I missing something. Is it suppose to be this tight?

    FYI...I purchased a Freud Diable 40t blade to replace the ridgid blade.

    please help........

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    Re: R4511 Arbor Flange

    Just for clarification, I presume you referring to the arbor washer.

    Does the blade still slide on and off with relative ease? And the nut still threads easily onto the shaft?

    Is the inside diameter of the washer perfectly smooth and perfectly round? If you have a dial caliper you may want to take several measurements of the inside diameter. First measurement at 12 o'clock/6 o'clock. Second measurement at 3 o'clock/9 o'clock. You get the idea.

    I don't know how tight you have torqued the nut down, but it almost sounds as if you may have over torqued the nut and distorted the washer. That would be pretty tight as that washer is heavy.

    I just snug the nut down. It doesn't need to be real tight as the direction of the blade spinning will have a tendency to tighten the nut anyway. I usually go snug then about 1/8 a turn after.
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      Re: R4511 Arbor Flange

      You are correct, I am referring to the washer.

      I guess it's possible that I over tightened the nut and distorted the washer. I don't have a caliper, but i could pick one up.

      The blade goes on fine, as does the nut. It's just the washer that I have trouble with.

      How does your washer go on? Does it slide on, or do you need to screw it on?



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        Re: R4511 Arbor Flange

        Goes on just fine.

        Are there any burrs or obvious defects on the inside diameter?


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          Re: R4511 Arbor Flange

          Not sure.
          i'll have to check it out tonight.

          Is that somethign I can replace if i damaged it?


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            Re: R4511 Arbor Flange

            I also had this problem. You can search my posts and find the measurements I took at the time. Once the tech came and changed my recalled arbor, I haven't had the "tight fit" problem. Between Ridgid and the tech company, I have a couple extra washers but I'd have to say since I'm using a good quality combo blade, I haven't changed the blade since then and that was 4 months ago. Get a Dremmel type tool out and grind out the ID until it's acceptable..... if that's the only washer you have. Tech guy told me not to over tighten the nut or you "kind of make mush out of the washer." Wrench tight plus a quarter/half turn is plenty.