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Dewalt DW734 vs. RIDGID TP1300 Planers

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  • Dewalt DW734 vs. RIDGID TP1300 Planers

    Greetings all,

    I'm struggling in deciding between Dewalt's new DW734 planer versus Ridgid's TP1300LS, as both have great reviews and seem to be good values. Any experienced advice regarding which is more reliable, precise, and a better value would be much appreciated.

    Thanks is advance.

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    The DW734 has the advantage of a three-blade cutterhead which increases the cuts per inch by about 50%. Don't know alot about it other than that. The DW735 has disposable blades vs the resharpenable kind, so I'd assume that the 734 has them also.

    The hot value right now IMO is the 2-speed Delta 22-580 selling below $300. At $400 it was a very good planer, but the new DeWalt DW735 was upstaging it a bit. With the lower prices it's a heck of a deal.


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      Thanks for the input hewood. Yes the DW734 does have disposable, reversible blades like the 735. The DW734 is replacing the DW733 in Dewalt's lineup.

      I've read good things about the Delta 22-580, but have not found it for under $300, where does this deal exist?

      Thank you.


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        I recently read a tool review on the DeWalt planer. Most were quite pleased with the results of the planer. One individual made comments that the blades dulled a bit quickly. 30 passes in hardwood. and had to turn blade around. I don't know if this is an isolated incident or because of the disposable blades. But it also mentioned that the disposable blades were not cheap.

        The other 5 posts were quite pleased

        Just wanted to pass along.



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          Gentlemen, Great topic and thanks to all who posted and replied. I too am in the market for a planer and these little details make a big difference. Cheers.
          A friend is someone who knows you and loves you anyway.


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            The DeWalts standard CPI is 90 which is almost 50% more than the Ridgid unit. the slow speed on the DeWalt is 180 CPI which is even double of the finishing speed on teh two speed Delta. All tests and comments by users I have read so far were favorable. I have heard no mention of the knife problem. They are not resharpenable, but they are reversable. I believe that I've seen the knife sets for $50 at Woodcraft.

            (sure glad I got resharpenable knives on my 733.)


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              Sorry, I was comparing the 735. the 734 is still 90 cpi and 50% more than the Ridgid.


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                Delta - seems to be $278 delivered. Here's link-they coming from Woodworker's Supply.


                I have the 735 - it is a gem w/o any question. Cannot find anything I dislike. But if the Delta had been this CHEAP then I would have jumped on it instead. $200 spread ---- huge. And while I think it's a slightly better planer by whisker I'd be first to say you'll have hell of time noticing any difference in actual use.

                Let us know hat you buy - I'd really kick you in rump (whoaaaaa) if you pass up this Delta Steal.
                Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                  Jake - My blades have done some 600 lf in oak and like amount in pine (soft of course) and I've seen no change in finish. I do not hog off excessive amount each pass but respect the tool and wood - so far so good, no - great! I keep expecting a blade flip due soon but I see no reason to do until needed and I notice change.

                  First time I've heard this comment actually. Maybe bad blades to start with or excessive depth and abuse? Cannot say - only it has not occured here and others praise the thing too.

                  Forgot to add on my above post - I only talked cutting. If you add in chip collection and the looks .... I'll add a few whiskers and say DW by morning stubble. Weight --- heavy. That is both good and bad to some folks, to me I like. Some say to hard to move around-I don't often so...

                  But that Delta at that price ...... and if you get hammered by sales tax, gap is nearly $220 or so >>>>>>nummmmmmmy.

                  BTW - this is my 3rd edit of this post almost making me really think I have made a possible mistake...buyers remorse-ish. But the dollar difference was only about $70 something at time and so I did what I did.
                  Wish they had great return policy - I just might ..... oh well.

                  Now # 4 edit(ion)-- this is nuts. True remorse, and fact that the Delta at that price is almost stealing. A SOLUTION to settle my gut. I'm one Christmas gift short for oldest son (try to keep it balanced with kids). He's getting into making dust and chips, loves my 735 but out of his price range too. If I woulda known in beginning I'd have not gotten him what I had (PC 693 kit on closeout) and tossed it all into the DW. Too late and to much $$ total. But ---- I can swing the Delta and keep them all close in dollar amounts! And if he doesn't like I will happily swap - they both great units, I win, he wins. I feel good.Very good.
                  It just don't get any better than that!

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                  Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                    No need for buyer's remorse. You got a great planer at a good price. Especially since you told me that you have not had any problems with blades dulling. The blade dulling situation probably had been user related.

                    Prices go up and down and it's hard laying out coin for tools and seeing prices cheaper. I usually buy accessories and all on a whim for whatever price I see what I like. But for powertools, I'm a meiser.. lol.

                    I shop for months and get the best deal. I never have price buyers remorse but sometimes I feel bad finding out which product I buyat one store and then purchasing somewhere else.

                    I try to make up for it by splurging on accessories there later.

                    My most recent event was Powermatic table saw. Found it for 10 % off closer to my house, but decided on purchase at anotehr store. I am buying the forrest blade from the otehr store at retail price.

                    Is this right, I don't know. but I can sleep with myself at night.. lol



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                      Thanks for all the great replies.

                      Yes, I've checked out the great Delta 22-580 deal and it comes out at $278 delivered after a 10% 1st-timer's discount and the $50 Delta rebate, though Woodworker's Supply is currently out of stock and if you order now, it won't come until maybe the first week of January 04.

                      In general, if buying this month (12/03), I see there are unique "deal" differences between the Delta 22-580, the Dewalt 734, and the Rigid 1300:

                      Delta 22-580: 13" Planer, Awesome current pricing, $278 delivered, cheaper blade prices than the Dewalt at around $38 per set. Two-knife cutterhead delivering max of 90cpi, NO included dust hood, an extra $22, bringing the basic setup total to $300. Includes one set of blades (equals 2 because reversible). NOT IN STOCK until after Christmas at least (@ Woodworker's Supply). 2-YEAR DELTA WARRANTY.

                      Dewalt DW734: 12.5" Planer. At Amazon it sells for $379 and currently has $25 off, and it comes with a dust hood, and has free shipping, so the total delivered to $355. It has a three-knife cutterhead delivering 96cpi. Includes one set of blades (equals 2 because reversible). The blades are disposable reversibles and cost $45 a set. 1-YEAR DEWALT WARRANTY. If you buy before the 24th of this month you get a free tool from Dewalt as a "Bonus Buy" - choose between a variable speed orbital jigsaw, or two other cordless drill kits. Each of the freebies are worth $100, so if you're in need of one of these tools, it's like getting the planer for $100 less, bringing the price delivered to $255. But hurry up if you're going to go for this, as you must get your planer before the end of the month because the Dewalt rebate must be posmarked on or before December 31, 2003 and you need the original UPC barcode from the box.

                      Rigid TP1300: 13" Planer. Sells for $379 at HD and you can probably score 10% off for signing up for a HD card or negotiating with the HD guy. Its has a two-knife cutterhead delivering 66cpi. Includes a dust hood and stand, and includes an extra set of reversible knives, so you get the equivalent of 4 knife sets. A replacement set for this machine is $30 at HD, cheaper than the other two machines. The total cost out the door with 10% off will come to ~$365 in CA because of tax. LIMITED LIFETIME RIDGID WARRANTY.

                      Lots of key differences that make this choice difficult for me, all are good products. Even though I could use the new jigsaw Dewalt is throwing in with its 734 and I do like this Dewalt planer, I'm leaning towards the Delta as cranky has advised, because the deal is sweet, the knives are cheaper and its warranty is better than the DW, it is 13" and it's a great machine. The Ridgid with it's least expensive blades, included stand, and lifetime warranty is still calling to me, but I'm thinking the Delta is the finer machine. I'm sure one couldn't go wrong with any of these three, I'm gonna sleep on it and I look forward to any and all thoughts on this.

                      Thank you.

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                        Boy - I sure muddled this picture for ya, didn't I. Sorry........
                        Regardless of which one (DW or Delta)you'd be more than happy I am sure. I personally love them both as had access to a Delta for some time before I did the 735 and no it's solid as tank.
                        That back-ordered thing hit me too - but my son or I (depending on how the chips fall-no pun intended. I'll wrap a pix and put that in box under tree) [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] can wait as long as the 735 keeps tossing out chips.
                        If the pricing was still as it was when I bought the 735 I'd a never looked back. It's to cheap to deny now so that made decision for me.
                        You'll be happy
                        Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                          No Cranky, you didn't muddle things up in my mind at all, I'm very thankful to you for pointing out the great Delta deal, and I have just placed my order for it. It's on backorder as you know and that stock that will be coming in is already dwindling, so I thought I'd get my order in right away, and there's the option to cancel as it won't ship until the end of the month.

                          Glad you were able get the Delta, I'm sure your son will be mighty delighted!

                          Here's to great tools and great deals!

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                            Just my two cents. The ridgid is going for $329 down here, with stand, dust collection, and extra blades. With the 10% discount, that's less than $300. Not saying anyone machine is better, don't have one yet. I think Santa is going to suprise me.


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                              Thanks for the info all I was going to get the 1300 from HD as well, but thanks to the info I just order the Delta .

                              BTW, I am new to this board, and just bought a home so am in the process of setting up my first real shop, hand tools are great and I learned a lot from them, but this ol boy is ready to flip a switch . So I'll be checking in to see more great info about a subject we love. Also, guess I have to make some inserts as I just bought the TS3650 and I can't seem to locate the dado insert .

                              Again, thanks in advance for all the help.