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BS1400 Bandsaw is Awesome! ?Gloat??

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  • BS1400 Bandsaw is Awesome! ?Gloat??

    Please forgive the gloat factor, but I just wanted to say that The bandsaw is fantastic. I resawed 5 inch thick red oak without a whimper!! The fit and finish of the saw was as good as I've seen from any company, and much better than I've come to expect. FWW magazine spoke highly of this saw and the accolades are deserved. Likewise, when I had a question, Jake was there with an answer within an hour!! Ridgid rules!

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    Mike, I agree with everything you wrote about the bandsaw. I've had an old Craftsman tilt head 12" and replaced it last week with the BS14000. What a difference! Per usual, my only complaint is with Home Depot. We have four stores within 40 miles and all had huge well stocked Ridgid displays last year. Now all are very depleted, dust left on the demonstrator tools, etc.. I don't know if the bloom is off the rose between Ridgid and HD but I for one will stick with Ridgid if they ever part ways!


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      Congrat's on your new band saw's. I too have bought one in the last month or so. HD recently was blowing out the riser kits for this saw (65% off). I think I got mine for like $24. This made the saw run even smoother with less vibration. My question for Jake is "this riser kit comes with a 105" blade, and I think this has changed the accuracy of the tension spring indicator (to tension a 3/8" blade, I'm only going to around 1/4") Should I be buying 105 1/2" blades or even longer??


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        The tensioning scale is the same no matter the length of the blade. Tension is not put on the spring (so the scale reads zero) until the blade itself is drawn taunt. If you tension the blade as you normally do you should be putting the same amount of tension on as you always have.



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          Thanks for the feedback Jake...