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A small boat our company made

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  • A small boat our company made

    Here are the rules
    Your craft must be made with the following materials:
    - One 4×8’ ¼ inch sheet of plywood.
    - Two 2×4x8” boards
    - One 2’ wide, 60’ long roll of duct tape
    - One pound of fasteners (nails, screws, staples.)
    - No adhesives. No caulking.
    - Painting is optional; only latex or enamel paint is allowed. No resin-based or polyurethane paints.
    -No paddling devices allowed, other than those made with the above materials.
    - All craft inspected for compliance on day of race.
    Here is the paper we made
    And a few pics of it

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    Re: A small boat our company made


    I looked at you material list first and without giving it too much thought I was exactly what kind of craft could be made from such a limited list. Figured it would be pretty much a simple row boat.... but then I see your pictures and I am very much impressed.

    Nice design, "elegant" so to speak and I can see some excellant workmanship and design quality there.

    I never made a boat, but have on occasion entertained the thought. Your team's design and workmanship is pretty impressive.

    Thanks for posting,



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      Re: A small boat our company made

      Very nice! Hope you win, your efforts certainly did.


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        Re: A small boat our company made

        We did win
        One entry was a catamaran that could start faster but he couldn't turn as fast.
        Actually we made 2 boats because the winning boat hangs up at the beach bar from now Abigail (the little girl its named after)still needed 1 to keep
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          Re: A small boat our company made

          That is one really cool water machine. Did you use the duct tape? I couldn't tell from the picture. How many man hours were needed for this?


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            Re: A small boat our company made

            Regular ply or marine?Can/will you post plans?Very nice work.


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              Re: A small boat our company made

              The guys in our shop made it so I really do not know the details.
              Our shop doesn't have any Duct tape so pretty sure none was used...just staples.
              Do they make a 1/4" marine ply?
              I'll ask the guys who made it for more details.
              Sorry but I dought they used any plans either.Probably drew out the parts on a sheet of ply


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                Re: A small boat our company made

                way cool and congratulatios

                In the never ending struggle to keep the water flowing.... The Poo Poo Cowboy rides again!!!