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Delta Uni issues too

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  • Delta Uni issues too

    In the matter of honesty and fairness let's all agree despite the general opinion that More = Quality things happen also with the Big Bad Top Shelf stuff too.

    Some been all over the 3650 TS about small issues - shouldn't happen but some say it has.

    Now imagine spending 3-4x for a Delta Uni and getting the feedback from Delta as listed in this post Yep - they are resolving but his "cheesey" expression is one I hear over and over towards....guess who!

    So I remain unconvinced - totally - that buying the Big Bad Top Shelf means perfection - as Delta rep states, they know of issue so it's not a one timer.

    Fact is it's not just Rigid or any one company and time we start to demand better solutions and customer service from them all. As long as they solve to our satisfaction then where's the beef.

    So - why we always picking on Rigid I wonder?
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    Smokin' Joe----don't you think you're reaching just a tad?????? How the heck does the pedal of a foot pedal hitting a shelf, equate to motor and metal flexing?????

    Posted by Handz' on 3650 thread:

    "I hate to beat a dead horse here, but I am getting a bit frustrated and am looking for some advice. I received a prompt e-mail reply from OWT regarding my bent fan blade on my new 3650...
    "I would recommend getting the saw in to your nearest Ridgid authorized
    service dealer to have them check the motor to inspect the issue you are
    indicating with the motor fan and set screw. It is not something we have
    heard of as being a problem with the new TS3650 motor..."
    Can they be serious? I know it is a relatively small issue but I am concerned that it may be a sign of more problems to come. I know that some of you would recommend putting back in the box and taking back to HD and look elsewhere to start over, but am curious as to specifically how others with this issue have been able to resolve it.
    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but now that I own the horse I am a bit concerned.
    Thanks "

    There's a lot that can be discussed about saw problems, but I think this one is a pretty weak comparrison. Besides, unlike some earlier posts here, at least this guy got through to customer service----something that only recently changed at Ridgid. Also, Delta was aware of the problem----see the end of the 3650 thread---another guy with motor problems----says Ridgid claims they aren't aware of the problem.

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      I don't normally post a personal plea, but desperate times call for desperate measures....

      To all parties in this pro Ridgid / negative Ridgid please take some advice from Frank, the Budweiser iquana (or lizard) when he said..."let it go Louie, let it go....."

      Thank you much



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        A reach ? I dunno - my only "minor" complaint was the slighty noticed shift(?) in what some called flex as they posted. It was misaligned base, that was all. This Uni thing is also base FWIT.

        Not starting a feud and please don't get one a going.

        Just the facts - price doesn't seem to be an indicator of perfect quality and perfect product as errors do happen. They should not but like I said they do.

        Having stated just the the fact(s)as posted by others (btw-that's a sweet looking toy...pix make me want to find excuse to go fer it i could use as a shop card table if nothin else Think I'd be out in a snowdrift, my spouse looking down at me saying you *&^%! ) I don't desire this to head anywhere and please ___ all pro-anti anything parties ......let's not head there. Not intent of my post.....pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        As stated - issues happen. And to companies other than Rigid. Okay - accepted - fair and factual statement - THATS IT.

        Anyone do any "shopping and buy themselves a 20% off Christmas gift from HD today? Wonder what the selection is elsewhere - here we were really picked over on big stuff like jointer and BS. Tried to locate someone to ask if one could buy now and take delivery when it did get in but they sure as heck under-staffed here. Always are since those self-serve deals went in. Like every place else I guess. Makes it easier to walk out empty though - LOML appreciates that no question.
        Heading to Belize tonight for vacation ---- everyone have a Great Christmas and Happy Hoidays to all.
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          I bought a Ridgid 1300 Planer last weekend and was told to bring in my receipt and they would give me my 20%. Got the thing for $297 as it was, this is turning out to be a nice Xmas.


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            Saw this over there this morning too. I view all this crap we go thru as consumers as positive in some ways as I am starting to see and sense some improvements in some CS here and there. I'll be a lot happier when they just pick up your call and say "I'll send someone right over. Be there in 30 minutes"
            If that day ever comes I'll sell everything O have and buy all new from them.

            TC- it really don't get any better than that. You buying me dinner now

            S-Joe __ where in Belize? Love it there - fishing is great too. Flying all the way in? Usually do a drive down from Cancun myself - great excuse to visit friends who in area just on frings of Tulum by Eco Park, stretch an extra week outta a trip .... and always gotta catch an "eye full" also in Playa del Carmen. Friend used to own a hotel there, sold in January and now just enjoying it all. He's big bone fisherman and in-season marlin in Belize so like him to come with. Plus - me not so great on espanol.......lousy like. Get by but that's about it.
            Drop me a mail if you can before you leave...tonights the night tho. Maybe whenever you pick this up then.
            Enjoy it amigo......Have a safe and delightful trip. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
            Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em