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  • Power Switches

    Did anyone else have problems putting on their power switches? On my TS2424 and BS1400, both times the screws for the power switches didn't fit properly. On the JP no problems, but the other two, I had to go get new screws. Everything else on all three fit like a charm. It just struck me as a little odd that it was the same parts on two pieces of equipment.

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    I'd say you have surpassed the odds of packaging flaws that can be expected. The only thing I can offer is someone on the packaging line, or the ordering department, or the fullfilling department from which Ridgid orders their hardware from, made a mistake and you just happen to get 2 boxes that received that mistake.

    I bet if you were to call Ridgid, and fax your recepts for additional purchase, they would offer you some kind of compinsation for your efforts and time. Cool blocks come to mind.
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      When I assembled my 3612, I had accidently used the power switch screws early in the process to attach the two crank wheels, so the two screws I had left when it came time to attach the switch were too long. Swapping the two long screws meant for the wheels with the ones I mistakenly used solved the problem. You may want to check and see if it is possible you did the same thing with your 2424.


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        As Stuart pointed out, on the TS3612 I am almost sure you have used the screws for the switch to mount the handwheels. The handwheel screws will bottem out against the rail before tightening the switch down.

        On the BS, I'm don't know if I could comment without more info.



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          It is very possible and most likely it is user error. I will check the screws from the handwheels like suggested. Thanks for the help everyone.