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    I have found a store called Cummins tools. They sell almost all the Ridgid power tools and woodworking tools. The only thing is they are reconditioned tools. The prices are very good though, like the jobsite tablesaw home depot sells for $499, they sell for $340, thats a huge savings. What I was wondering was why they only come with a one year warranty instead of three, if they are supposed to be as good as new. I mean if they went over these tools and certify them to Ridgids specs, they should be guaranteed like if you were to buy it new. If anyone might know anything or have a comment on ridgids recon. tools please let me know

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    The warranty is one year because thats all they offer. They may be factory reconditioned units but they are after all still used tools. Car companies don't offer new car warranties on used cars, why would tool companies offer new tool warranties on used tools? I've purchased some recon tools in the past and have yet to be disappointed in any of them, YRMV. Most, but not all, recon tools probably get a closer inspection than the new tools receive. I feel very comfortable buying recon tools from reputable companies.

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      Some companies do offer full warranty on reconditioned tools. has recond. tools from DeWalt for example. All come with the standard new warranty, 1 year.


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        One thing to remember is that "reconditioned" and "refurbished" labels have to be stuck on any returned item, whether it was returned broken or in perfectly good condition. So you COULD get a perfectly new/good tool at a refurb price.


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          Beavis---you could be right, but that wasn't the way Emerson did business. I remember the question came up before the takeover and the rep. (Jake) said, reconditioned were checked and had parts replaced, and would always be sold in a green-labeled box.

          I do find it interesting that what Cummins seemed to be carrying were Ridgid cordless---the same tools that seem to receive all the complaints here. My ad showed now corded tools, which, at least from people's comments seem pretty good.


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            I bought my TP1300 from the back of a cummins looked brand new when I opened it and it had new blades in it. I had one problem in that the set of replacement blades was missing. A call to cummins led me to have new blades in a few weeks. Next time they drive through town i hope they have a jointer on the truck.


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              i wonder if the warranty on the recon tools covers normal wear and tear too...