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    Visiting my local HD today for needed items, I noticed a new manager mingling with the tools. So I approached and needled him about Ridgid.

    First off, he said in about 2 weeks Ridgid is going to be offering a promotion. Buy the MS1290, and you get a mail in certificate for a FREE MS-UV. That's right, a $200 value, FREE.

    The spindle/belt sander was 199, and the RAS was 549. The JP was down to 399.

    Now the good stuff. He said the NEW Ridgid/Ryobi Rep, that's right, one rep for both, made his first visit last week. As I suspected, Ridgid will be to Ryobi, like DeWalt is to Black and Decker. Ryobi being the DIY line, the Ridgid more the contractors line. Around Xmas time a line of cordless products along with some other products will be released with the Ridgid name. He was about to tell me more info when another customer dragged him away.

    He couldn't say if the lower prices were a permanent drop, or just a promotion. He did say there other machines that was lowered, but have been returned to normal price.

    So at least we know this much.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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    In case it might be another clue in the puzzle---local HD ad, in Sunday paper-----had a full page devoted to Ridgid tools----first time I've seen more than a 1/4 page listing of Ridgid tools. No price drops, though. Tune in next week for more clues.


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      I'm getting ready to call an ad I saw today for a 3612 for $700...gotta find out why he's asking so much.

      Interesting news...wonder if the new tools will pass muster with the magazines...
      Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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        Hmmnn. Seems that the puzzle IS coming together. When I talked to the Ridgid customer service people today, I learned a couple new things.

        First, the rep was VERY positive about how well the Ridgid woodworking tool line was doing. As in when I asked about whether it might disappear, she replied something along the line of not a chance.

        Furthermore, she mentioned that Emerson tools has spun the Ridgid woodworking line off into its own company. Customer representative said that there would be a new line of tools coming out around Christmas.

        Then I got to talk to a supervisor (her authority was required to give me some free stuff.

        She commented along similar lines. As I am a diehard Ridgid fan and have been pining over a Ridgid Scroll Saw, I asked if there was any chance they would be coming out with one of those soon. She said that was highly possible with the new line coming around Christmas.

        Either the rep or the sup commented that "they" (their higher ups) weren't going to release any information until right before the new tools came out.

        After I hung up, I remembered some other question I wanted to ask. I forget now. However, this was funny - the sup had given me her direct number + extension so that I could call back with the serial number for my bandsaw (they wanted to tracking informatin as it was missing some nuts and bolts).

        Well, when I called into the direct line to the sup with my question, it greeted me with some welcome to the Ryobi something or another line. Hmmnn. Interesting.

        I will post that number (minus the sup's extension) tomorrow for anyone who wants to hear more.

        Also, I'd recommend that everyone interested call Ridgid customer service and ask questions about what is going on, then report here. They seem very friendly towards assuring their public is happy and at peace with their future.


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          Oh yes, one more thing.

          The supervisor also commented that the Ridgid woodworking tools website had been neglected for a while and that would hopefully change with the new management/company/whatever.

          That would be neat! I always love a better web site for a company that I like.


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            Interesting---it certainly sounds like someone built a fire under the "new" Ridgid rep! Frankly, with all due respect to the good people at the "old" Ridgid, your previous field customer service people were AWOL.

            It will be interesting to see what happens. But, I sincerely hope that Ridgid WILL be the new DeWalt, to Ryobi's, Black and Decker!


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              Originally posted by daveferg:
              ...---local HD ad, in Sunday paper-----had a full page devoted to Ridgid tools----...
              You know, I can't remember EVER seeing an ad for Ridgid woodworking tools where I live. Sad. I like UO_Woody's analogy of Ridgid is to Ryobi what DeWalt is to B&D. I hope this holds out to be true.


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                Bob Dueker, I know you can't give any specifics about the products, but can you give us a "ballpark" timeframe when we can expect to hear or see the "great" things from Ridgid you mentioned in previous posts? Days, Weeks, Months, Years?



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                  Well, I guess the answer is no.


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                    My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Things should be "cutting loose" real soon now(months). I think you guys will like what you see. I have come to really respect everyones opinion here and am anxious to hear what you have to say. Thanks!(Mark - sorry again!)


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                      Thanks for the reply Bob. I guess I'm just a bit impatient sometimes. It is a great bunch of people here and unlike many other woodworking forums, we usually stick to woodworking. Many others contribute a much more than I do. A Software Engineering job, a house, and a 15 month old son take most of my time. The little woodworking I do usually involves home repairs. However, I do like to listen in and offer any advice when I can.

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                        if all of you like your ridge wood working tools so much, you better buy them now because when ryobi takes over....well enough said!


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                          I can only respond to that is:

                          Ryobi manufacturing is doing what B&D did several years back. Ridgid will by Ryobi's equal to B&D's DeWalt line.

                          Nothing is in stone yet, nor have we seen any results. But I highly doubt that Ridgid would make such a move and keep their name on it if it was going to be a DIYer market. They just don't work that way.

                          Faith and trust in Ridgid, as we started with, we shall continue with. (MHPO)
                          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                            I tend to stay away from Dewalt because black and decker is such garbage. It may not be rational but it is human. I do not trust anything from b and d. Many people will stay away from ridgid because of ryobi. The garbage I've had from b and d makes ryobi look like top quality.


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                              Many people will stay away from ridgid because of ryobi.

                              A lot of people stayed away from Ridgid because of Sears. Can't please all the people all the time. Some people, maybe you can't please at all...

                              Random Ryobi fact: They invented the portable planer, the AP10.