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    mapper, I have to agree with you on most of what you say. I too think this would be a minor issues if Ridgid provided some information on how they were handling the problem, then potential buyers might not be scared off by the continued discussion here. Ridgid's choice to NOT directly address the issue does not make it a non-issue, it is only magnifing the problem.

    The TS3650 is a nice saw for the money, I think one of the better ones in its price range. by know this issue has certaintly circulated to other forums and the hesitation or reluctance to buy this saw grows every day. It can only end up damaging the overall reputation of the Ridgid woodworking line of tools.


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      Have to agree----this is a K-Mart mentality. For those who might not remember, the Ridgid rep (when this first broke) promised to post an announcement here on the forum----never happened. And, if you take the story about the HD guy not knowing about the problem----apparently, they never notified them either. Guess they're just hoping the problem will disappear by itself.

      I would disagree with Bob D., though---I think, with this and all the previous QC and design problems hashed over on this saw, you can do way better for the money than the 3650.


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        People actually live on Sanibel now?
        I grew up in Cape Coral and we moved out of there in the mid 80's. I went to Gulf middle school and at that time there wasn't a house to be seen anywhere near the school. In fact my dad taught me how to drive out by sanibel because there were no houses or cars at that time. Did they ever build the midway bridge connecting Cape Coral to Fort Myers?

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          Well, I boxed up my new TS3650 yesterday which had been sitting unassembled in my shop all month, and returned it to Home Depot and got my money back (there's a reason for that). Then I had another chat with the manager before I set out to open up both units that had been sitting in their warehouse. Both were date code "PO447" (mine was PO445), and both had the bad arbor. They will both be sent back to Ridgid to get fitted with the new arbor (supposedly, but who knows what Ridgid is really doing at this point).

          As for the 2 units that were supposed to be received on the 22nd there seemed to be some confusion on the date. I was originally told the 22nd, but the guy in the 'tool' department said the date now said the 28th. That meant decision time... I wanted to take advantage of the "no payments, no interest" credit promotion that ends today (23rd) so the 28th wouldn't work for me. Even though the manager said he would extend the 'credit' offer for me (which I do believe he would have), I didn't want to take any chances with my luck being the way it is. So I put one on "will-call"...

          Here comes the happy part. I'm sure all store managers may not be as kind and generous as this one is, but like I said in another post (TS3650 arbor -- how about a free blade?!! ) I got one of Ridgid's new "Titanium" 90 tooth blades for free. This 'polished' blade requires no sanding rework, and sells for $65. He also agreed to let me check the arbor when the new saw comes in, and if it is the bad one he'll have it carted to the repair shop instead of me having to drag it there and back in my SUV. Besides, if it isn't coming in until the 28th there is a better chance of getting a good arbor. Someone mentioned in another post "it appears that any saw manufactured after 10 feb. 05 will have the new arbor". I do hope this is the case!!!

          All-in-all I'm really happy as of today. I'm getting a 'newer' saw with a better chance of a good arbor, with "Zero payments, and Zero Interest" for 12 months. On top of that I used a 10% off coupon which got the saw down to $512, and also got a free $65 Titanium blade for all the headaches. I'm also relieved that when my saw comes in I don't have to cart it to a service center and back. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

          Now I just hope that the "waiting list" that I'm on for a new arbor ends quickly. Is anybody currently receiving any???

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            I needed a table saw and did not want to replace an arbor or wait for a saw with a good arbor. The Ridgid is a fine saw but I broke ranks and bought ( and have received a 2hp General International 50-185M. Thanks for the informative input.
            Sanibel, FL


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              I'm sure you'll be pleased with your choice Fritz. It's a great saw with a first rate fence and plenty of power.


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                I bought my 3650 about 2 months ago and the arbor was fine-checked it twice with a high powered flashlight when I was assembling. I use the Freud stacked dado set and it is perfectly flat on the bottom cut. Someone said I was one of the lucky ones. I would buy this saw again and just replace the arbor if it wasn't correct. I saw the green Hitachi at Lowes today and the stamped metal extension on the one side was all out of whack.


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                  I also looked at the display model Hitachi at Lowes yesterday. Don't like any stamped wings, and this one looked worse than many.

                  Cranked the wheel to change the bevel, and it sounded like it was a box of rocks. Then the bevel locking mechanism wasn't working. Of course this could be the people that set it up. I alos couldn't get the blade height to lock in. Again, could be the setup.

                  Needless to say I don't think I'll be trading off the Orang Beast.



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                    Hello Everybody,

                    First-time poster here. I just want to thank everyone for their honesty, and the education I've received over the past few weeks while I researched which table saw I want to add to the workshop I'm building in my new home.

                    Up until I moved in I was certain I was going to buy the TS 3650, as I believed it to be the best saw for the dough. What I've come to find out is that, while the TS 3650 seems on the surface to be a good saw for the money, it's not good enough to put up with the lousy and arrogant customer service resulting from the continued installation of a faulty part.

                    The fact that the poorly-trained individuals staffing the tool crib at the local Home Depot give you the 1000-mile stare when you mention the arbor problem to them, while they extol the virtues of Ridgid and the 3650, while leaning on the fence of the display model, a fence on which the lock down lever has been broken since it was first displayed (at least two months ago, no joke) also doesn't help.

                    Another thing that doesn't help is the fact that some pretty miserable things are being said about Ridgid and HD in this forum, yet no one from Ridgid deigns to intercede on the behalf of their company to try and make things right. Instead, they'll just keep knowingly selling saws with a faulty arbor, while they and their partners at HD keep their representatives in the dark, and keep their fingers crossed regarding the defect.

                    After all, why would they intercede? They have a captive audience: all of those people out there whom trust the Ridgid and HD brands, and whom don't do their due diligence by researching major purchases before plunking down the cash.

                    I'm certain that my local HD has sold at least half a dozen of the 3650s, even though the display model has a busted lock-down lever on the fence, meaning that if you want to move the fence around to see how how it slides, you can't. You'd think that someone would notice and replace the fence with an operable one, wouldn't you?

                    Luckily, I am tend to do my research before making a major purchase. So, armed with my knowledge, I will look elsewhere for my new table saw.

                    Again, thank you to all for your posts, and to Ridgid for not censoring them.


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                      Yet another fisherman heard from. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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                        Got my new 3650 last weekend! Assembly was not bad - many thanks to everyone who posted hints and tips! I added the leg stiffening washers during the assembly. The hardest part was aligning the splitter to the kerf. The two small bolts holding the splitter to the support don't have a washer, so when they are tightened the splitter tends to move from the intended setting! I will add washers later. The built in lever for adjusting the blade to parallel is great! The stock miter gauge bar was quite loose. Even after notching it with a punch in many places I could not get it to fit well, but I already have an Incra gauge on order so it's no big deal.

                        When I picked up the saw, I had the guys at Home Depot cut open the box and we verified that it had the good arbor. Their floor model had the bad one, but that saw had probably been there for a long time. The box with the fence rails was a little crumpled, so I had them cut that open too so I could make sure the rails were straight. They gave me no trouble at all and were more than happy to make sure the saw was in good condition!

                        The manufacturing "date code" is P0516, whatever that means. The main body of the saw is upside down in the box below all the smaller parts, in case someone else decides to take this approach.

                        - Ari


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                          most likely the 16th week of 2005.

                          "date code" is P0516"


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                            Hi All,

                            New member on the board, but have been lurking for a while, watching this arbor issue on the TS3650. I had finally decided to purchase a new saw, and for the money, the TS3650 looked like it has a lot of nice features. Anyway, thanks to all on the board for your help and valuable information. I culled the correct date codes from this thread (thanks again!). The HD by me had a saw with date code P0513, which is three weeks earlier than the other known good one (0516). I took the chance and purchased the saw, but checked the arbor as soon as I got it outside. We're good to go! Spent Saturday afteroon assembling / aligning (trunion was aligned as received, but bolts weren't tight...) Also swappeed the motor voltage to 230Vac. I think I'm gonna like this saw. The one I'm coming off of is a circa 1955 craftsman 8", thus my excitement.

                            Thanks again to all for your research,

                            KVNJR [img]smile.gif[/img]
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                              Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new saw. What are you going to do with your vintage Craftsman? 1955? That's gotta be a nice one. Probably worth a few bucks too.

                              Now that you mention it, the trunnion bolts on my 3650 weren't all that tight either. I completely forgot about that when I wrote my "Tips on 3650 Assembly". Sorry about that. It might not be a bad idea for everyone to check the tightness of their trunnion bolts if they havn't already.
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                                Thanx for the welcome!

                                As for the Craftsman, I guess I'm gonna sell it; don't have enough room for both. I really don't have any idea as to it's worth. My father bought it for me, used, back in '73 - '74 when I was a teenager (Dated myself! Damn!). It's been a real reliable saw ever since. Just got to the point where I wanted a little bit more capacity.

                                Sorry about the thread hijack...

                                I Need a Bigger Garage!