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Mobile base for Hybrid or cabinet table saw

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  • Mobile base for Hybrid or cabinet table saw

    Been working in the garage enough to get major stuff done, now's the time to get organized. I'm looking through ideas for doing a mobile base for my hybrid TS and have a few questions:
    - has anybody attempted this with wood vs. metal mobile base?
    - materials, construction, hardware, accuracy gotchas?
    - plans or kits?
    - sites for hardware: casters, mounts, etc.

    there's a lot of examples where folks did this with a contractor style saw, but hybrids and cab. saws are longer so you have less flexibility when keeping the table at a good working height.
    My shop:
    Ridgid TS2424 w/Forrest WWII
    Incra TSIII w/Wonderfence & rt. side table
    Old Shopmaster 14" bandsaw
    Sunhill 6" Jointer
    DW708 SCMS w/Forrest Chopmaster
    Delta Shopmaster drillpress
    Incra Router Lift
    Pro Ftr guides
    2 Grrrippers & 2 GripTites
    CMJ splitter
    10 fingers

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    Re: Mobile base for Hybrid or cabinet table saw

    Criz - Forgive my confusion, but the TS2424 that you've listed in your list of shop tools is a contractor saw, not a hybrid. Do you have another saw in addition to the 2424?


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      Re: Mobile base for Hybrid or cabinet table saw

      the 2424 originally came with one of two mobile bases, didn't it? one was a caster set up and the other was a herc-u-lift. if you don't have either of those, i'd check CL for a H-lift. there isn't a better mobile base for that saw.
      there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.