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  • JP0610

    I am trying to finish buying my large tools and am now finally going to buy a jointer. I have been looking at the delta, grizzly and now the ridgid. I am not sure if this is a good place to get a straight answer or not. But how does the ridgid stack up to these other jointers? Is there a place where I can get a side by side comparison of the jointers etc. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have some tools from each of the vendors you list, so am not totally biased for/against any of these vendors.

    My jointer is the Ridgid JP0610, which does an excellent job, maintains alignment, works reliably, etc. The blades are easily replaced and aligned after sharpening. No regrets at all on the choice of Ridgid as my 6 inch jointer.

    If I were starting over, I might consider getting an 8 inch jointer, because I regularly encounter a portion of the hardwood boards that, at least in rough form, are over 6 inches wide. However, it is a big step between a 6 inch and an 8 inch jointer, so (if I were starting over) I also might stay with 6 inch, and would choose Ridgid again.


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      Check the past issue of Fine Woodworking, don't recall date but wasnt too long ago. Did comparison of jointers and planers. Ridgid was rated best mid price jointer (powermatic was 1st) and rated the planer very high also. My understanding is the designs are staying the same so you should be ok in terms of getting replacement blades, etc. Good luck.


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        The Fine Woodworking issue was last year's (not the one currently on newsstands) Tools and Shops issue, but the same review is reprinted almost word for word in this year's
        Tool Guide.

        The FWW reviews have been very positive on every Ridgid tool they've looked at (jointer, planer, drill press, shop stand), which greatly influenced my decision towards buying Ridgid. I am pleased to report that I love the tools I bought.


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          The JP0619 is a nice jointer. The actual jointer portion appears identical to many other well respected jointers including the Griz, Sunhill, and Bridgewood. The Jet and General are also similar. The Griz, Sunhill, and Bridgewood are priced comparably to the Ridgid...the Griz might be a few bucks less, but only the Ridgid has retail outlets. To see a Griz you've either got to go to one of their 3 showrooms, or call and see if anyone in your area is willing to show you theirs.

          They're all well proven machines. The Griz and Ridgid have both reviewed well in the past couple of years. As long as the tables are coplaner and flat, all should be well with anyone of them. Most of us wood prefer to touch first, so unless you want to spend $500 on a Jet or General, the Ridgid seems a fair choice.


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            I am leaning toward the JP0610 more and more. The 20% discount this weekend at HD helps also. Is there a mobile base for this tool?


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              efeather - I just read "daveferg's" comments about the JP0610, and he made some points I was unaware of regarding there being 2 versions of the Ridgid jointer. My comments pertained to the older version. Here are Dave's comments FYI:

              "There are currently two versions of the Ridgid----remaining stock/display models of the Emerson-built (no orange) model and the new very orange model with an import (Chinese) motor.

              I have read enough reports of these new motors (specifically in the 2400, jointer and 3650) with problems varying from parts blowing out of the case, to not running or bent fans, etc. that I just didn't want to deal with the new orange model.

              The original model, had nothing but good reviews---but to be frank, reports of poor customer service really had me worried. Had know way of knowing if this would improve, though, there are several people who are getting good response, which is good news.

              What I'd suggest is check your local HDs and see if they have any of the old models left----since they are discontinued (in favor of the orange ones) they might have a disount price----if not, I'd certainly ask the manager. Customer service aside, it's a good jointer at very nice price."