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water mark and cracks on subfloor

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  • water mark and cracks on subfloor

    this is the first time I'm going to install some 3-1/4" solid hardwood floor. after removing the carpet, I noticed there are some water marks and cracks on the plywood subfloor. any idea whether those need to be fixed and how? other than that the floor is in acceptable condition except it's not level at certain point.

    I also noticed some screws had been installed on the subfloor. however I still feel squeaky floors. I have no clue about how to fix that.

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    Re: water mark and cracks on subfloor

    The water marks could be loeft there from the original constrction or from a later spill. From your pic there doesnt appear to be any moisture there now or recently and no rot so that would not be a concern. As for the cracks that is common in home construction as d grade plywood is oten used for subfloors and is often cracked when it is installed or they could have been caused by the moisture that cased the water marks. Again not a concern. The squeaks can be reduced or eliminated by using some 2 1/2 deck screws in the areas of your squeaks. Locate your joists and screw every 6 inchs in the general area alongthe joists. Use 1 1/4 gyproc screws to screw the area in between the joists every 6 inches this should eliminate the squeaks.

    Before you lay your hard wood u mentioned some ripples in the subfloor. Using a straight edge locate and mark the high spots. Take a hand electric planer and plane down the high spots in your subfloor ( making sure to remove the screws or use a punch and drive the nail heads down so as not to ruing the planer blades) rescrew the areas completely. Now you are ready to put down your hardwood. If you dont do this the hardwood will eventually squeak in the areas beteen the high spots. Good luck.