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  • Incra 3000/ AC5100

    1. Anyone have a thumbs up or thumbs down for the Incra 3000 on a TS2424?

    2. Jake:
    Just rec'd the AC5100 (fence for Ridgid 14" band saw). There is no provision for adjusting for "blade lead" (no instructions). I was hoping, and assumed from what you told me before, that the blade lead could be locked in and the fence set at whatever width range the fence is capable of. Am I missing something?

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    To compensate for blade lead the front and rear of the fence lock seperately. To find the angle the fence needs to be set at, draw a line down the length of a scrap piece of the material your wanting to cut. Start making the cut, following the line, once you are in a ways observe the angle at which you are running the board through. This is the angle the fence needs to be set at.



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      I have the Incra 3000 on my TS2424 and also the Incra TSIII fence. They both work great. The angle settings in the 3000 are easy to set and accurate. The TSIII is an outstanding, repeatable fence. Both are great on a TS2424.



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        Thx Jake; I'm done for the day, but will chk it out tomorrow. The two hex bolts on the front & rear of the fence must be the adjustment, eh.

        Hey Dave, so you got 'em both? How lucky can one guy be? How long have you had them?
        Thanks for your response. I was looking at the 3000 (I like precision cuts on my firewood) (c;

        btw, just finished the first dovetails with the Leigh D4 -- makes a butcher look like a surgeon.