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  • Routers again

    Just wondering if anybody has the PC 694 Kit and if they like it..I had a dewalt 621, liked it but it died after 2 major woodwork, mainly roundovers on cedar trim for exterior..anyways, got a few options...I don't have a woodshop (yet) but I sure miss having the router...I was looking at the bosch 1617 evs, good reviews except for corrosion problems with the magnesium base...I read that at the end of the year they will have an aluminum base or do they have one now? Or I could purchase the 694 and get a 3hp router later down the road...or I think there was an pc893 available at the local hardware store..and thanks for all of the sound advice on my other purchases...I think i got a power tool buying disease

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    See the thread currently running in the General Power Tool Discussion forum.
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      I have the PC 694 combo - for me a beginner it is more then enough and everything i do with it comes out great. This is the first time i have used one and it eats thorough oak and pine the same way.
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        thanks for the info guys