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ZCI's and Dust Control

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  • ZCI's and Dust Control

    Oh goodie, another question about ZCI's...

    Like many here I make my own ZCI's by flush routing around the stock throat plate (in my case, for a 3650). They fit fine and work fine. I note that many people drill a hole, 3/4" or so, to make it easier to remove the plate. I haven't done this. However I've been wondering if drilling that hole helps with dust removal by giving the dust on the table top somewhere to go. (I use a shop vac attached to the dust chute on my saw.) I notice that using a ZCI I get a lot more dust on the table top than when I use the standard throat plate.

    Do those of you who drill the finger hole find it helps with dust removal? Thanks for your advice.

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    Re: ZCI's and Dust Control

    In a word, no.

    I have the R4511 and for dust collection I use a slightly modified Harbor Freight DC unit and a Shark Guard blade guard that has an integrated DC connection.

    A shop vac connected to the Shark Guard blade guard works well enough for me. But a shop vac is completely insufficient to provide dust collection duties for the cabinet.

    Dust collection requires major air flow. Collecting wood chips or saw dust in one thing. Collecting the fines that present the true hazard is a significant under taking.

    Just google Bill Pentz for an excellent primer on DC.


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      Re: ZCI's and Dust Control

      I have a 3612 which doesn't have the dust shroud like your 3650 so I'm not sure if this is an apples to apples comparison. I have and use both store bought ZCI's and homemade ZCI's . The store bought ones don't have the finger hole while my homemade ones do. The amount of dust on the saws table top is about the same no matter which ZCI is mounted to the table.
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