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featherboards in the miter slot

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  • featherboards in the miter slot

    Benchdog makes a feather board that attaches to the table saw surface via the miter slot. It is for 3/4 x 3/8 slots? For some reason I thought the RIDGID slot was not standard. Has anyone used these featherboards on their 2424 /3612? If these won't work, can anyone recommend a good storebought featherboard setup that works well with these saws?
    Brad Hatchett<br />

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    I picked one of these up at Woodcraft a while back; it was on sale for like $7. It works real well and is quicker than clamping a homemade one to the webbed wings.

    Woodslayer Ffamily%2Easp%2Cfamily%5Fid%3D1651%26Tree%3D%2CDel uxe%20Wooden%20Featherboard&HSLB=False&mscss id=094F28EBE1750486491AD648EC11E52C


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      I bought one of the cheap Harbor Freight versions with the plastic expanders for the slot. Tossed them and ripped a scrap of my cherry flooring, drilled and countersunk two holes matching the slot distance. Made the strip a few inches longer than feather board. Cut down the middle from each end just a little past hole with band saw, put flush head screws up from bottom to the knobs that came with featherboard. Fine tuned with sandpaper to slide in slot when knobs are loosened and works like a champ.


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        The Taiwan featherboard that Woodslayer mentions is on sale in the Rockler stores for $4.99. That's a great deal and so much less than the Benchdog. I've both and they work in the miter slot. The slot on Ridgid TS's is 0.750" exactly, most others are 0.760". Worst case, slight sanding is all that's required to make anything fit snuggly in the slot.

        I've been lucky so far everything I've dropped in the slot has been less than 0.750" [img]smile.gif[/img]



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          I use the featherboard from Rockler's router table on my 3612 and it is a lot easier than clamping as mentioned above.
          Patrick<br /><br />


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            I have the same one as woodslayer in my 2424. very nice. fits well.


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              The benchdog will fit in the Ridgid slots. I have one, and it's a nice device to use.