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  • band saw vibration


    taking about vibration i pull out the motor from the band saw ,it has lot vibration by itself,i do not known if that normal ,i also did a test ,i bolted the motor out the cabinet in separate base and i got no vibration at all. this my band saw JWBS-14CS is my first band saw .some advised please

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    Re: band saw vibration

    you have your work cut out for you. tools distributed by the walter meier group (jet, powermatic and wilton) are long on promise, short on delivery and, generally, a poor value. couple that with their well intentioned but generally incompetant technical support, and you have a tool that, given a lot of time and effort, might perform to minimal standards, but you are completely on your own.

    i would contact iturra design. they don't have a website but can be reached here:

    lou iturra is a wealth of infromation on both the delta and jet 14" band saws. he has probably forgotten more about band saws and blades than any of us will ever know. his current catalogue has an extensive article concerning band saw tune up which would probably address many of your issues.

    as the owner of a jet 18" BS, my suggeston is to sell your 14" jet on craigs list and buy a rikon 10-325. it's a much better machine than the jet. the only reason i haven't done that is that my saw only cost $40 on CL. cut your losses and move on to a better product.
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      Re: band saw vibration

      thanks man i will check the web site that you point .this the amount of vibration that i got .can not past the nickel test, this might sound silly , but if i put a Pocket Hole Screw standing pass the test .how bad do you think is that.


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        Re: band saw vibration

        I have not used nor do I own either of the Jet BS discussed here, but I do have the Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw. It is a good BS but I would not call it outstanding or head and shoulders above the rest. Fit and finish is good, minimal vibration and a number of good features but then it is lacking some features that I would expect to see as standard in a saw in this price range ($750 - 1000).
        • No foot brake
        • No magnetic starter
        • Table is only slightly larger than most $350 saws
        • A more precise table tilt mechanism (gear or worm screw drive) would be nice
        • Poorly positioned work lamp
        • Fence could be improved (easier/better drift adjustment)
        • Cabinet could be heavier gage or different which would improve rigidity
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          Re: band saw vibration

          I know this will sound crazy but I saw it done on a motor--once. Put the motor back into place on the band saw, bolting it down accordingly. Do not attach any belts, drives, pulleys, etc. DO put a worm clamp around the motor shaft, anywhere to start with and clamp it tight. Start motor, check for vibration. IF there is vibration, loosen clamp, rotate it clockwise, maybe ten (10) degrees, tighten, and run motor again. Repeat until the motor runs better. I did see a motor get balanced using this method. What did it prove? That there was a balance problem within the motor itself. The problem was solved, luckily, by adding two set screws to the existing motor pulley for weight--a lucky guess at that. David