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  • Dust collection seperator

    Hey guy's
    Is a seperator really necessary? I have a Jet DC1100 and was looking at possibly doing this. I know it seperates the big chunks but I thought that was why you paid the extra money for a good DC. What am I missing out on not having one?

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    By filtering out the big chunks of debris, you may be able to avoid some damaging hits from ever hitting the motor/impeller. Although the impellers on these dust collectors are material handling, and really stand up to most of this stuff quite well.

    The biggest benefit would be that you can empty the separator bin much more often and more easily than the filter bags on the collector.

    But, the separator also changes the whole tuning of your dust collection system. It can easily add 1-2 inches of static pressure, and often restricts the inlet/outlet to 4". Whether your system would be adversely affected by that depends on a lot of factors, but if you're already using 4" hose you might not notice any difference.

    Bottom line, you may be missing convenience, but not efficiency. Your system will not be any "better" by adding one of these, maybe just a little easier to keep up with.