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Changing motor on BS1400

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  • Changing motor on BS1400

    Want to upgrade motor on my BS1400. I have found in the manual that it is counterclockwise rotation at 1725 RPM, but it does not list the frame size. Does anyone have a clue as to what it is? (the thought right now is 56)

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    There should be a plate on the motor with all the info
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      Well, not on this BS. I measured the mounting plate and centerline of motor and figured it was the standard 56 frame. Once I get a good look at the new motor, I''ll know for sure.


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        Please let us know how the upgrades goes. I would like to do the same thing. the BS1400 is a bit underpowered for resawing, What HP did you upgrade to?


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          I do believe it's a NEMA 56 Spec Motor but don't quote me. If you buy a new motor, I highly recommend Baldor or Leeson. Most motors like this can be wired for clockwise or counter clockwise rotation by following instructions which is usually inside the removeable motor plate...Lowes carries the electrical cords for the motors.
          I just put a higher power Baldor motor in my friends tablesaw. I shop at for all my motors, drive belts, and pillow blocks.